Cover of book Murder Maker by Margaret Johnson

Carla’s life has greatly turned upside down since her boyfriend left her. Recently she has joined a support group, where she met three women with similar sad experiences. Carla decided to take a revenge on those women’s husbands. Now she is making plans for all her three victims. It is necessary to ensure that there is no suspicion about her future terrible deeds. These acts will change not only her life but the life of her new friends as well. Carla is going to start from the first man named Alec. To make her plan come true she will go to Cuba. She will cook a special dinner for the second husband Terry. She will become a hot lover for Pete, the third one. What will she do to her ex-boyfriend Mark? What will say her friends when they find out the truth about the murders? What future is waiting for her? Everyone should understand the consequences of his actions. In any case, Carla tries to prove the same point.

Total words: 26010
Unique words: 2420

Words, you might not know:

deepness, paintwork, appreciating, disputing, sacrificing, funnily, tending, querida, popped, thoughtlessness, heeled, harbour, interpreting, lei, advert, doubting, pleasantness, notepaper, boarded, combining, unappealing, groaning, appealingly, slicing, hairpiece, glancing.

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