Cover of book Fantastic Mr Fox by Dahl Roald
Due to the tyrannical nature of the three local farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean (one fat, one short, one lean), Mr Fox finds himself unable to steal enough chickens or geese to support his wife and their three young fox cubs. Other animals in the area are similarly affected, including Badger, Mrs Badger and thier three baby badgers and the Mole and Rabbit families. Just as they are all sure to die of starvation, the ingenious Mr Fox hatches a remarkable plan that will not only get them food, but sort out those horrible farmers for good and all they have to do is start digging…

Film version: Fantastic Mr Fox

Total words: 9285
Unique words: 1415

Words, you might not know:

valley, nasty, dumplings, mean, dwarf, chin, underwater, doughnuts, shallow, beastly, temper, turkey, cider, crook.

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