Moby Dick

Level: intermediate
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Length: medium

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American sailor Ishmael goes on a voyage on a whaling ship “Pequod”, whose captain, Ahab, obsessed with revenge giant white whale, killer whale hunters known as Moby Dick. In a previous voyage, Moby Dick bit off Ahab’s leg, and since then the captain uses a prosthesis. Ahab orders watch the sea constantly and promises gold coin to the one who first noticed Moby Dick. On the ship, sinister events begin to happen – Captain Ahab finally loses his mind.
In the end, “Pequod” catches up with Moby Dick.

Film version: Moby Dick

Total words: 10983
Unique words: 1585

Words, you might not know:

whale, landlord, coffin, harpoon, decent, mattress, coward, tomahawk, ober, chapel, reverend, pulpit, dignified, serene, pagan, convert, tribe, noble, tough, monstrous, first mate, doubtful, fellow, doomed, hold, prophet, voyage, supplies, sail, livelihood, curiosity, hammock, peg, strength, robust, medieval, bow, grim, wrinkled, scar, sperm whale, rumour, masthead, forth, fierce, mast, hump, spout, horrid, cruelty, roared, murmur, sworn, mat, relieve, rower, stern, miraculously, will, testament, obsess, squid, curled, twisted, omen, remarkable, desperately, ail, lance, charts, strip, rind, blubber, spinal, cold, butcher, latern, nailed, rack, measurements, paddle, tambourine, typhoon, violently, tip, obsession, torch, discouraged, loneliness, victim, sniffing, gull, smash, struggle, destruction, flesh, within.

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