Missiya, the Wild One

Level: elementary

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Cover of book Missiya, the Wild One by Vijita Fernando

This is an unusual story of a beautiful young girl. Her name was Missiya. She was not like all the other girls in her village. There was something special and charming about her. She often ran, smiled and laughed. Not only was the girl good-looking, but she also had a strong will and a cheerful personality. Sometimes she shocked people by her boldness. No wonder that from a very young age Missiya attracted a lot of men. She started meeting them in the woods. The girl was poor and had to sell the only thing she had – her beauty. Women hated her, and parents tried to keep their children away from her. But one day Missiya’s life changed forever. The police came to arrest her and no one saw her again. Missiya was keeping a dark secret: in desperation she had committed a terrible crime.

Total words: 1775
Unique words: 512

Words, you might not know:

envied, betel, catlike, bougainvillea, guiltily, fatherless, hibiscus, heaviness, thoughtless, wildness, boldness, freshness, carefree, stored, mouthful, firewood, cheerfully, rounded, inviting, lifting, cinema, clearing, hay, answering, helpless, jealous, bundle, curse, confused, sadness, innocence.

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