Cover of book Miss Bracegirdle's Night of Fear by Stacey Aumonier

Miss Bracegirdle arrived in France to meet her sister from America. It should be noted that Miss Bracegirdle is a very timid person. She protects her good name very much. It is the first time she has travelled alone. Miss Bracegirdle lives with her brother, but he couldn’t accompany her in this travelling. She came to the hotel really late. Being too tired, she asked the staff to prepare a bath for her. The staff was very friendly and she liked it. The bathroom was at the end of the corridor. After having the bath at night, Miss Bracegirdle went back to her room. When she closed the door, the door handle remained in her hand. So she could not leave the room. Miss Bracegirdle decided to go to bed. This problem would be solved in the morning. But an unbelievable surprise was waiting for her in the bed…

Total words: 2476
Unique words: 439

Words, you might not know:

nightdress, moustache, lying, sneeze, frenchman, lunchtime, waking, hairy, cupboard, luckily, madame, trousers, seventeen, closing, excite, sixteen, loving, eleven, bath, closer, dirty, sudden, unknown, friendly, killer.

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