Cover of book Mary Poppins by Travers P. L.

This is an amazing story about the Banks family who lived in London on Cherry street and a nanny who turned their lives upside-down, helping them to open their hearts to love and happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Banks had four children and weren’t exactly successful as parents. Once, their children named Michael and Jane were sitting by the window in their nursery and waiting for their father to come home from work. Suddenly, a strong wind started to blow, and a magical flying lady arrived in their garden. She held a hat in one hand and a bag in the other… From this moment on, the children had many fantastic adventures thanks to their magnificent, flawless nanny Mary Poppins. The children would dance with a lion, a seal, and monkeys, discover an underwater world with cod and salmon, go for a ride on unusual boats and visit the sky to get a closer acquaintance with the constellations…

Film version: Mary Poppins

Total words: 10873
Unique words: 960

Words, you might not know:

tuppence, queen, sniffing, twee, skipping, pram, lord, crossly, fairyland, zookeeper, popping, blowing, hissing, hooray, rose, loo, sleepily, yap, shoo, cuckoo, persimmon, hairpin, stork, breadcrumb, seashore.

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