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Cover of book Macbeth by William Shakespeare

A Scottish knight Macbeth, who got a lot of victories for the glory of King Duncan, receives a prophecy from three witches. According to their words, he was to be a King of Scotland. Macbeth believes them. His wife also desires it, so she encourages him. Macbeth takes everything upon himself and kills Duncan. He accuses Duncan’s heirs of this crime. The young Princes have to escape from the country. The prophecy comes true and Macbeth becomes a King. But it ruins his soul. The throne of the usurper is shaky, and the legal heirs are already preparing a mutiny… The tragedy is partly based on a true biography of Scottish King Macbeth although he was credited with committing crimes and having relationship with evil spirits. The real Macbeth was not involved in such dark attitudes.

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Unique words: 1181

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