It is not long before Christmas – a time for families, a time for love.
Peter and Juliet are getting married, but not everyone is so happy. Jamie loses his girlfriend. Mark is in love with a girl who will never be his. Sarah’s love for her brother makes it difficult for her to find a boyfriend. Harry’s love for his wife, Karen, is going to be tested by a beautiful new employee. Daniel’s wife has just died. Billy Mack, the ageing rock star, is alone after a lifetime of singing about love. And the new British Prime Minister is a very lonely man.
So is love really all around us? Can these people find it? Is there enough magic in the world for everyone, even at Christmas?

Total words: 13715
Unique words: 1658

Words, you might not know:

actually, biscuit, bully, carol, departure, file, funeral, honeymoon, lobster, mistletoe, naked, necklace, nod, plump, reception, rehearsal, respect, screen, stepfather, vicar.

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