Cover of book Logan Choice by Richard MacAndrew

In Edinburgh, a son of a wealthy tycoon has died. His body was found by his wife on the bathroom floor. When she woke up alone in the middle of the night, she was anxious by missing her husband, so she started a search. Finally, she found a locked door in the bath.
Wife called his brother for help and he knocked out the door. Everything was very simple at first glance – it’s just another accident. The victim slipped on a wet floor, brake a knee and hit by a head. At the crime scene were some strange things and Inspector Logan intuition said to her that it’s not so simple as it’s seems. During the interviewing, the wife and her brother clearly said not the whole truth, so Logan’s suspicions only increased. So was it an accident or cold-blooded murder?

Total words: 9118
Unique words: 811

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