Cover of book Island of Dr Moreau by H. G. Wells

This book became an inspiration for many writers around the world. The science fiction novel raises questions: what makes us humans? Where is the line, which can’t be crossed? The traveller Edward Prednick, who survived shipwreck and he had spent eight days in mid ocean but finally recovered himself in a boat. Beside him was a man, called himself Montgomery. He took care of Edward, and asked victim about his survival in the ocean and about his life. Throughout the conversation, Edward was hearing strange animal sounds, but did not give them a special meaning. Later, when a saved man got better, he understood, that the ship followed to the unnamed island, and people he met on this ship weren’t look like a people…

Film version: Island of Dr Moreau

Total words: 12466
Unique words: 975

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Level: pre-intermediate
Length: medium

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Cover of book Persuasion by Jane Austen

“Persuasion” is the most autobiographical book by Jane Austen. She created it before her death and summed up her own life in this story. Therefore “Persuasion” is unlike from the other five author’s famous novels. It’s filled out by Jane Austen’s private real stories. The main hero is Anne Elliot, who, like her creator, was the same appearance, temper, passion and had the same love stories. Anne’s father Elliot had problems with money and he had to rent out their house for Admiral Croft. Admiral Croft was a relative of Captain Frederick Wentworth, and it was unacceptable for Anne, because she was engaged to Captain many years ago. But Anne’s friend Lady Russell persuaded her to broke the engagement because of Frederic’s poverty. The situation has changed now and Wentworth became wealth, so she tried to avoid her old house, but it became more and more hard.

Film version: Persuasion

Total words: 11385
Unique words: 1154

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Cover of book The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

This novel is one of the most important literary phenomena of the first half of the XX century. Here you’ll find a tragic and a shrill love story, shocking the basis of bases the society of the upper class in a New York of 1870, which tried to copy a manners of Victorian England. This is the history of clean and bright feelings, which the young Newland Archer felt to the shiny, educated and unfortunate countess Ellen Olenska . Newland Archer is a successful lawyer, who is dreaming about a real passion in a depth of his soul. He is engaged with the sweet and innocent girl. This marriage will give him a satisfied and quiet life. But when the cousin of his future wife – Ellen came to the USA after the public scandal in Europe, Archer gets into her nets of secret powers and a beauty. Now our hero has to make a choice between the world that he know and a world of his dream.

Film version: The Age of Innocence

Total words: 13515
Unique words: 1487

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Cover of book Logan's Run by William Nolan

The famous American science fiction is about the world after the nuclear world war. Let’s imagine the picture. Computer in all aspects of their lives manage people. They live in the city under the dome in comfortable life and spend their time in amusements. There are sex with different partners, plays, sport etc. Because of overcrowding, such sweet life couldn’t continue for a long time. Everybody has to go through the ritual of “Sleep”. It means that if you are twenty-one years old you have to die. People try to save their lives, hiding from the police. Logan is one of the police officers, who catch the runners. When Logan was given a task to infiltrate in a gang of Runners, his age was changed. He has to find a secret group which helped hide the Runners and return to his life.

Film version: Logan’s Run

Total words: 16448
Unique words: 1252

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Cover of book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

An author of this book is a brilliant master of words, and his main weapon is humor. He sent his hero Gulliver in four different countries where he cruel scoffs people’s behavior. The first country was Lilliput, where only the little people live. The author makes fun of their absurd conceit. In the second one, country of the Giants, Gulliver understands that his size deserves the same ridicule. In the third country that is on flying island, Gulliver is faced pride. In the last country, some animals are much smarter than people, that they hate because they dumb and dirty. Join to our hero’s journey, incredible adventure and many discoveries are waiting for you.

Film version: Gulliver’s Travels

Total words: 10524
Unique words: 1169

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Level: pre-intermediate
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Length: medium

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This all happened in the late of nineteen century. Young boy named Kim the son of the dead British officer, was earning for the life by begging, and was working for the horse-seller Mahbub Ali. Later it was clear that Ali is connected with the British agency. Ali told to Kim about the ‘Big Game’ that were playing by British and Russian governments. The aim of game is inside Asia. According to Kim’s knowledge about Hindu, their customs and habits, and because he had been living among them for a long time but indeed was the British – Englishmen decided make him a British spy. Kim had to break plans of England enemies.

Total words: 10818
Unique words: 1402

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Cover of book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

This book is a classic pirate’s adventure novel. It’s fascinating story about the search of treasure which has been hidden by the captain Flint on a desert island. A young boy Jim accidentally involved in this story and later played a very significant role. It began when an old seaman had arrived to the inn, owned by the boy’s father. It was immediately clear that this man accustomed to command. He introduced himself as Capitan and was a cad and drank constantly. He tried to avoid any society, but when he was drunk, he told his sea stories for all around. Captain was paying Jim Hawkins for watching the emergence of seaman with one leg, it seemed he was very afraid to meet one-legged sailor for some reason. Soon, Jim’s routine life was turned upside-down by terrible and unexpected accidents.

Film version: Treasure Island

Total words: 11594
Unique words: 834

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Cover of book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The legendary novel marked the beginning of science fiction literature. It became the basis for a science fiction movie many times. The novel is about scientist Victor Frankenstein. His future was decided when he heard the lecture by professor of chemistry. Professor told, that modern chemists are like Gods, they know nature’s secrets and perform miracles. Those words destroyed a young student and filled with ambitions. Explanation the mysteries of creation had become his dream and purpose of life. Victor had succeeded in his discovery. And he had begun to create a new excellent race of people. But suddenly his first man had appeared a monster. The scientist filed with horror and disgusting, and rejected him. The creature had begun to pursue his creator.

Film version: Frankenstein

Total words: 15775
Unique words: 1198

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Cover of book Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

There has never been a more tragic story than this one of Romeo and Juliet… It was a love at first sight, boundless and everlasting. And pointless death because of families excessive feud. Montague and Capulet are leaders in the city of Verona but they also blooded enemies. Two old men couldn’t even remember what was the cause of their feud. All members of their families hate each other and barely defend themselves from each other. The Prince of Verona didn’t want endure these fights anymore, because they disturbed the streets of the city and citizens had to participate in feuds. Both of them will die if either of them breaks the peace. That was the new rule for Montague and Capulet and their relatives. But it was not easy to follow it…

Film version: Romeo and Juliet

Total words: 11436
Unique words: 971

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Cover of book The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

During last 84 days, an old Cuban fisherman Santiago goes to the sea but cannot get any fish. His small friend Manolin continues to help him, although his father prohibits to do this. But the old and young men still see each other and speak about this and that. At 85th day old fisherman again goes to the sea as always on his small sailboat. This time he is being lucky and catching such big marlin, that nobody saw before. Next several days a big fight takes place between the man and the fish. Finally Santiago manages to exhaust and kill the huge fish. But marlin takes boat far away into the sea. It’s very hard to take the catch to the shore, too many sharks want to get a helpless flesh.

Film version: The Old Man and the Sea

Total words: 12759
Unique words: 1203

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