Cover of book L. A. Movie by Philip Prowse

Lenny Samuel is a detective – a private eye from L. A., California. Lenny solves different cases such missing persons, blackmailing, corruption, people protection, security, small crimes – such problems are met every often, but sometimes it’s even murders. Only two types of cases that can be refused by detective are marriage issues and divorces. Like others small detective agencies, Lenny’s ones has not have a great success, it is only enough for rent of apartment and office, but Samuel is happy with this. Lenny likes to go to the cinema, especially when there is no case to work on it. Once he was watching a movie with the popular beauty movie star Gail Lane. He was fascinated by her but realized that he would be even acquitted with such woman. But for his surprise after several days he has become a sort of bodyguard of Gail Lane.

Total words: 26268
Unique words: 2242

Words, you might not know:

blackmailer, notepaper, cheque, believing, emptied, muttered, licence, partying, minibus, timberland, ford, washroom, stunner, ruthlessness, commissary, racehorse, motorbike, chinook, hungrily, firstly, homer, repairman, wrecked, bleached, speeding, multimillionaire, wired, toolbox.

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