King’s Ransom

Level: intermediate

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Cover of book King's Ransom by Ed Mcbain

Douglas King has been in the shoe business almost all his life. All this time he worked for Granger Shoe – one shoe company where he started as a boy. Now Douglas is a part-owner of Granger Shoe and has a good share of it. Doug has great plans connected with this company. He is going to implement them in the near future. Suddenly two unexpected events happen and ruin all Doug’s plans. Some co-owners of Granger Shoe suggest him to cooperate with them in order to have over 50% shares together and make the goods of lower quality. In this case they will have more profit. Doug refuses to produce poor quality goods and makes the greedy co-owners his enemies. Later someone kidnaps King’s son and wants a big ransom. If the father pays the ransom, his plans will get ruined. He will lose the house, the cars and everything he owns.

Total words: 18978
Unique words: 1536

Words, you might not know:

transmitting, cheque, forcing, madhouse, hammered, stupidest, oscillator, fortieth, dully, caddy, tracing, shaving, wiretap, providing, whisky, merciless, begging, hesitantly, trembling, dryly, tantamount, shyly, tycoon, fatherhood, chauffeur, peck, lying, miserably.

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