Cover of book Justice by Tim Vicary

Jane Cola was working that day. It was that great day when the Queen was going to open the Parliament. A huge crowd gathered near the entrance, waiting for the royal coach. Jane’s father Alan was a coachman. He drove the Queen’s carriage. There were no signs of trouble. The tourists were taking photos, the crowd was cheering the arriving coach. Suddenly an explosion happened. It was a bomb. The police investigated later the incident. Somebody planned to blow up the Parliament and kill the Queen. Jane stayed alive, but what about Alan? Among the bloody bodies she was able to find her father. His leg was injured by the horse. The doctors could do nothing but to ablate it. Who wanted to kill the Queen? How will Alan be able to live after the tragedy? Is there justice in this life?

Total words: 9787
Unique words: 843

Words, you might not know:

queen, sandman, mew, kidnapped, policewoman, silenced, shakily, coachman, posted, judo, wheeled, freed, whisky, fixing, escalator, lying, mum, covering, mmm, unwelcome, handbag, hopelessly, centimeter, thirsty.

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