Cover of book Just Good Friends by Penny Hancock

It’s a love story, which opens before readers the eternal question “can be a friendship between a man and a woman, or it’s just delayed sex” Stephany is a language teacher and very pretty woman. Maybe every man can consider that she is a perfect woman in all aspects, she’s just a dream. Stephany’s boyfriend Max is an architect, he had many girls, but only Stephany could win his heart. After two months of relationships, they decided to go on vocation to Italy. A comfortable flat, which belonged to Stephany’s good friend Carlos, was waiting for them on the Ligurian Sea. Her friend Carlos was an Italian, she taught him English five years ago and they liked each other very much. Nothing happened between them in the past in London. But could they be in safe from the passion in such romantic place?

Total words: 12626
Unique words: 943

Words, you might not know:

ligurian, anglophile, pram, trattoria, motorway, signora, pecorino, ciao, mmmm, max, slop, pullover, deciding, bye, latte, sunburn, cappuccino, tiring, unfriendly, surveyor, lying, fiat, sweetly, weakly, sushi, lunchtime.

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