Cover of book Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

A father and mother wolves were relaxing with their cubs. There were a tiger and a jackal hunting nearby. The jackal followed the tiger everywhere. The tiger Shere Khan hunted people. People got angry and the tiger came to the jungle. Hunting people was against the law, because people came back with their weapons. The flock was going to make a decision about Shere Khan’s fate, when they suddenly heard baby crying. It was a human baby. Shere Khan wanted to eat it, but the wolves stood up for the infant. Finally they decided to name the baby Mowgli and to leave with them.

Film version: Jungle Book

Total words: 6395
Unique words: 592

Words, you might not know:

hissing, hungrily, jackal, hunted, python, cleverly, lying, uphill, ravine, eldest, kite, midday, hiss, sleepy, splash, noisy, villager, bored, hop, goodbye, rocky, frighten, grind, frog, excite, roar, herd, silently, thief.

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