Jane Eyre – an orphan, that nature has given a very strong-willed and independent temper. She spent her childhood, full of hardship and humiliation. Jane’s growing up brings a lot of problems. She got to an orphanage, where she spent her childhood and youth. There, in a very challenging environment, her temper became even more stronger. When she grew up, she felt the need to go further in life, so Jane gave an advert for work and got it as a governess in Thornfield manor. There she fell in love with Mr. Rochester, owner of the estate, that changed her whole life. Received from him a marriage proposal, Jane felt happy perhaps for the first time in her life. Young people were getting ready for the wedding. But in this long-awaited day for them a terrible secret revealed that radically changes their lives…

Film version: Jane Eyre (2011)

Total words: 31354
Unique words: 2619

Words, you might not know:

boarding school, delicate, offend, accused, naughty, starve, disgust, deceive, bear, fainted, dare, tempt, carriage, miserable, vicar, smacked, luggage, slate, basin, marble, modestly, typhus, encouragement, assumed, peculiar, stern, effort, sketches, intend, criticize, counterbalance, bitter, swearing, flood, plot to, eager, coarse, fierce, lack, spat, reveal, disaster, neglect, gained, nuisance, insect, interfere, heap, stroked, appealed, tempted, wrapped, parcel, possessions, vain, lack, worn out, missionary, referred to, purpose, stiffly, hollow, temptation, bitter, stamping, rapidly, domestic, stiff, neglected.

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