Cover of book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing by Maya Angelou

This is Maya Angelou’s chronicle of life until her 16 years old. This book made her world famous. This autobiographical novel tells the reader about an African-American girl. She knows about racism, sexual violence and beating very well. The plot consists of such frankly and nakedly described scenes of rape that the book was forbidden for publishing in some countries and getting in the libraries in the USA. Her parents divorced when she was three. Both parents had a great personal life. First father sent Maya and her brother to his grandmother. In four years the children moved to their mother in Sent-Louis. Mother had already had a boyfriend Freeman. Maya survived the blows of fate. Despite the hard circumstances she developed her writer’s gift, which had a great impact on lives of many people.

Total words: 31320
Unique words: 2836

Words, you might not know:

lumped, eagle, lour, rottenness, impudently, attended, carfare, unfolded, torturing, shifted, underskirt, derringer, hesitatingly, assaulted, shuffled, pityingly, civilised, bola, tommy, doornail, allen, spilling, hurtling, reviewed, readymade, lengthened, gratefulness.

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