Cover of book Grace Darling by Tim Vicary

Forfarshire was a good modern ship. All its passengers thought nothing bad could happen. Forfarshire was travelling from Hull to Dundee and was about five kilometres east of St Abbs Head, in Scotland where wind became so strong that waves started to beat against the sides of the boat fiercely. An engineer Daniel Donovan had bad feelings from the very beginning and he was confirmed by strange sounds from the engine. Suddenly, the engine failed and the boat stopped. The high wind changed the course of the boat and it started to go to the North. A poor sailor William Darlins, and his daughter Grace, had to do some heroic deed that day to save many lives. After that day, their names remained in British history forever…

Total words: 6414
Unique words: 583

Words, you might not know:

rook, cloche, undressed, forger, churchman, blowing, boathouse, drowned, hoy, yon, hark, lass, shunt, wrecked, shipwreck, flashing, waving, screaming, oar, lying, uncomfortably, lighthouse, lug, candlelight, mend.

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