Frozen Pizza

Level: elementary

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Cover of book Frozen Pizza by Antoinette Moses

Sooner or later everybody leaves the house where they grew up. They have to deal up with many things. If you are going to be an exchange student or just move and live with other people, you should know which conditions are comfortable for you and declare them in advance. Then you will be able to avoid awkward situations. The character of this story is a young foreign student. He entered the university in England. But he refused to live at the student hostel. He wanted comfort as he had in his native country. All he said in his requirements of the house was the availability of the desk in the bedroom. He moved to a house where a modern family lived. Their mother did not cook at all. There were only a fridge, a sandwich-making machine and a microwave in her kitchen. The family ate a frozen pizza during the day.

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colourful, cookery, defrost, stencil, ping, unsuitable, cooker, bookcase, aerobics, threatened, unpack, timer, kettle, tidy, cupboard, amazement, fridge, pineapple, disgusting, quiz, cinema, wardrobe, baked, fashionable, pub, puzzled, filling, freezer, sunglasses, zoo, packet.

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