Cover of book Double Cross by Philip Prowse

The most great business leaders from the whole continents gathered for a meeting during the flying show at Stockholm Water Festival. The meeting took place in the Nobel Prize Room in the City Hall. The group of the most powerful people was solving the question of destroying the nuclear weapon in the former Soviet Union. Kurt Carlsson was the head of the group. He was a Swedish minister and an ambassador in Moscow in 1990. The police together with the Secret Military Intelligence were guarding them. Monica Lundgren, an agent of SMI, was watching over the crowd inside of the City Hall. And a man in boat SS Vaxholm worried her very much.

Total words: 14390
Unique words: 1146

Words, you might not know:

aaaah, lam, cheerio, lei, m, footballer, smut, minibus, mozambican, lorry, august, s, crossbow, walkman, alphabetical, consul, shaving, bye, woolen, moustache, sightseeing, smartly, queue, archipelago, booking, lying, swede, scuba, lunchtime.

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