Doctor Zhivago

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Cover of book Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak

The famous writer Boris Pasternak got a Nobel Prize for “Doctor Zhivago”. The novel had a bad reputation and had been closed for the readers in the USSR for many years. The people knew this epic work only from the scandals and the criticism from the government side. The reader will meet the main character – a small child Yury Zhivago, who lost his mother. Yury’s uncle looked after the boy for some time. Later he was bringing up in Gromekos family. At an early age Yury showed himself as a talented poet. Despite his talent, he decided to become a doctor. The young doctor married his foster sister Tonya Gromeko and they had two children. But in 1914 the war started and Yury Zhivago went to the front where he met nurse Lara.

Film version: Doctor Zhivago

Total words: 19341
Unique words: 1806

Words, you might not know:

judged, deceiving, specialised, untraditional, neighbouring, lord, newsboy, typhus, designing, kidnapped, commissar, offended, nearness, discontented, neighbourhood, whispering, tsar, fortnight, cheated, plaything, proletariat.

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