Cover of book Different Worlds by Margaret Johnson

This is an unusual love story. The main character is a young girl Samantha. She is eighteen. She will tell you about herself and you’ll be able to see her life and her inner world. Her world is silent and devoid of sounds. Samantha is deaf. Her parents were musicians. They divorced when their daughter was born. Samantha knows almost nothing about her father and she thinks it’s her fault that he had left the family. Her mother is her best friend. Samantha tells her everything except her first love. This guy is from another world. He is a student and works in the shop near her house. She watches over him from the window. He is a very kind person and courteous with people. Once he tried to talk to Samantha but she didn’t hear him. Will fate give them a chance for a relationship?

Total words: 7834
Unique words: 666

Words, you might not know:

quire, shire, forger, rose, motorbike, mum, snowball, lull, grace, snowy, cupboard, fridge, jumper, underwater, wail, windy, footprint, heroine, biscuit, vibration, signing, trousers, blonde, postcard, strangely, deaf, noisy, seventeen, bored, cafe, nursery.

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