Cover of book Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

The diamond smuggling just had been gaining momentum in West Africa in the early fifties of the last century. The author of this book as a former journalist, decided to open this theme to the general public. The story is based on the real events, which happened in Sierra Leone and still are going on. Cosa nostra is a mafia, which was born in Sicily in the 19th century. It is described in the book. The mafia emigrated to the United States from Italy with the stream of refugees from Italy. The organized group did different types of criminal activities including gambling business and drugs. James Bond and his girlfriend Tiffany will have to deal with them and risk their lives during their investigation of the diamond smuggling.

Film version: Diamonds Are Forever

Total words: 17160
Unique words: 1311

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, queen, bearnaise, shuffled, croupier, bush, racecourse, unkindly, acme, spectre, barman, spangled, gunfight, windscreen, silencer, speedometer, hunchback, racehorse, tiara, august, carat, petrol, rue, crazily, cannonball, defence, flamingo, uncut, garter.

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