Young and beautiful woman Lynette Ridgeway is going to be married with wealthy Charles Windlesham. Suddenly her old friend Jackie ask her for help. She wants Linnet to hire for work her boyfriend so they after can married. But Linnet fells in love with young Simon Doyle and he admires her beauty. After several months their acquaintance Miss Ridgeway becomes Mrs. Lynette Doyle and Jackie left with nothing. Young couple decided to spend their honeymoon in Egypt. But during the trip at Karnak ship Jakie began to chase them. Linnet fells like hunted animal and this is very annoying her.
She asks detective Hercule Poirot, who was also luckly on the board, to speak with Jakie. Poirot gave an advice to Jackie to left Doyles alone. But Jackie tells that she will not stop. She admits that planned to kill Lynnette. Jakie also shows that she has a gun. Poirot warns Doyles – but Lynnette didn’t not take the threat seriously. After several days Linnet almost killed by a rock.

Film version: Death On The Nile (2009)

Total words: 26087
Unique words: 2504

Words, you might not know:

arrogant, blackmail, celebrity, coincidence, deck, pear drop, rosary, shawl, stain, terrace, trustee, velvet

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