Cover of book Death in the Freezer by Tim Vicary

When Ellen was six, her brother was born. Her parents was very happy to have a son, but she was upset cause all their attention now was fixed on a new baby whom called Al. Being adult, Ellen has been in a difficult position. Her husband has left her with three children and without money. But Al was very successful, he established a rock band that became a quite popular – they made records and earn a lot of money. Soon Al was rich and popular, as a result he had all that he wanted and has been spending a lot of time holding parties and taking drugs. Her brother didn’t want to share his fortune with a sister, but agreed to hire her at work as a cleaning woman. Once after returning from the tour Al looked very ill, also he had brought some new weird friends, who shared with Ellen their crazy ideas about human life.

Total words: 5704
Unique words: 613

Words, you might not know:

cryonics, unhelpful, motorbike, moonlit, whisky, unfriendly, lying, beep, syringe, spaghetti, moonlight, hamburger, fingerprint, freezer, noisy, icy, flashlight, lazy, nearest, sixty, goodbye, supper, eighteen, downstairs, murderer, grind.

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