Cover of book Dead Mans Island by John Escott

She was a typical teenager and lived with her parents in India and then in Hong-Kong. The girl adored her family and friends. Her hobby was music. She was a big fan of one famous pop star. But some unexpected things happen every now and then. Her father was a businessman and he had to travel a lot. He flew from Australia to his country and the plane was crashed. The girl’s life had been warped since that time too. Everyone overcomes the difficulties as he can, so she decided to forget herself after many months of suffering. She got in touch with a bad company, started taking drugs and doing bad things. Soon she and her mother had to move to England where mother tried to hide her daughter’s past. Most people have “a skeleton in a cupboard”, but sometimes other man’s skeleton can be even more terrible than your own.

Total words: 4726
Unique words: 558

Words, you might not know:

hallo, aeroplane, carol, boatman, moustache, mum, housekeeper, farmhouse, gardening, spoil, seventeen, lazy, dressing, gardener, wildly, eighteen, jam, excite, gown, autumn, sunny, ha, palace, lightning, upstairs, cliff.

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