Cover of book Crooked House by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie considered this novel the best out of all her books. The final of the “crooked house” is a real pleasure. The psychologically perfect detective has a style and atmosphere. There is a big house, which belongs to a Greek family clan. The headman of the family is very rich and old. He becomes the first victim. The house is full of suspected. All of them are members of the family. Everybody has a motive. The atmosphere of horror and suspense is growing; the number of victims is increasing. The logic of the murders cannot be determined. The final is absolutely unpredictable. The queen of detective winds the skeptics and the experts round her little finger. The murderer behaves in a cat-and-mouse way with the family. Agatha Christie plays with the mind of her readers. The game is incredibly exciting.

Total words: 23906
Unique words: 1451

Words, you might not know:

soppy, poisoner, starred, sixpence, lei, jewellery, sneaking, murmured, injected, doorstop, stile, arrogantly, unemotional, oo, schoolroom, theatrically, inquest, ruthlessness, embezzle, wickedness, straightaway, fashioned, humiliated, unprofessional, employed, booby, slyly.

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