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Cover of book Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford is a quiet and cozy town, located in the South of England. Whatever happens there – the public immediately learns about it. It is quite difficult here to hide something from other people. It is worthwhile to smile at some beautiful girl in the street and the whole town starts thinking that you are going to get married. A young, handsome and very promising doctor comes to Cranford and becomes an object of sighs and love of the local beauties. They try to gain his trust and friendship using any methods. As for the captain who came to the city – he was not initially accepted, which is mostly due to the manner of his communication. He has two lovely daughters. These girls gradually change the opinion of the citizens about their family

Film version: Cranford

Total words: 14415
Unique words: 1443

Words, you might not know:

queen, vulgarly, conjurer, sixpence, honour, lord, lodger, helpfulness, agreeably, suddenness, unfashionable, girlhood, fortnight, fanny, hungrily, disorganized, burmese, uncovered, rector, grandly, firelight, meanness, friendliness, landlady, madam, trembling, bonnet, shyness, turban, gratefully, lying.

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