Cover of book Chemical Secret by Tim Vicary

John Duncan and his family had a very happy life. He and his wife had a successful business of making and selling boats. But after a disaster his wife died. Duncan couldn’t live without her and gave up. He sold the whole property and closed the business. He raised his children in poverty and became a bad father. He didn’t work for a long time. In the end he started looking for a job and a better life for his children. He goes to a job interview and gets a position of a biologist in a chemical factory. Now he is responsible for a monitoring the safety in the factory. He earns very well and can buy lots of expensive things for his children. But money makes people blind and greedy. Unfortunately, John will realize it when it is too late.

Total words: 9713
Unique words: 882

Words, you might not know:

quirt, belter, policewoman, boathouse, enquiry, uninteresting, employed, pensive, unopened, tasteless, lying, hurriedly, unlucky, shopkeeper, lifeless, harp, untrue, liter, upstream, rut, further, kindly, thoughtfully, downstream, congratulations, tidy, wallpaper, armchair.

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