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Cover of book Catwoman by Jones Jasmin

A young woman named Patience works for a big company specializing on cosmetology of high quality. Patience is a designer but she dreams to be an artist. Her boss is a very important man, who works together with his wife, a beautiful blond. Her posters hang on the walls in their office. It is an important day for them. They introduce a new soap for their chief. This soap works miracles with the old skin. It smoothes the wrinkles just after its usage. The soap created a breakthrough in the beauty industry and it demands a special design. Patience couldn’t do this work properly according to the boss. He gives her a second chance to fix it until the midnight. The day was unlucky for her. A loud party prevented her from sleeping the whole night. Then a squalling cat bothered her. In the morning she will have to save this cat, risking her own life.

Film version: Catwoman

Total words: 9410
Unique words: 861

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