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Cover of book Carapace by Romesh Gunesekera

One of the most difficult decisions for a person to make is a choice, which defines future life. This story is about a young girl. She lives with her mother in Sri-Lanka. The girl has a close friend. They meet each other regularly. This is a very simple and cheerful guy, who likes to joke. He catches the prawns and cooks them on the beach. The young girl definitely likes him. The problem is that the boy does not give her any clarity about their relationship. There is also another man interested in her. A wealthy Australian wants to marry the girl and take her to Sydney, where he has a house. The mother wants her to marry the Australian, as she wants a better future for her daughter. The girl decides to talk to her bosom friend. She wants to know his true feelings about her.

Total words: 1599
Unique words: 506

Words, you might not know:

bougainvillea, carapace, ironing, drifter, prawn, sari, trembling, sweetly, priceless, disco, tidy, backbone, bony, curved, cinema, climbing, floating, vase, deaf, turtle, sandy, stereo, jewel, underneath, lifelong, wallet, poison, rising, excite, hut, vein.

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