Bleak House

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Cover of book Bleak House by Charles Dickens

An orphan Esther Sammerston grew up in Windsor, in the house of her godmother, Miss Barbery. Esther wanted to learn the mystery of her birth, but Barbery replied her only “ your mother is your shame, and you’re her one. After her godmothers death, there was a certain Mr. Kenge, who acted on behalf of Mr. Jarndyce, who was aware of the sad state of the young lady and offered to put it in a first-class educational institution, where she would have everything and prepare for the fulfillment of duty on the public arena. After she graduated, John Jarndyce took her to his estate, known as a Bleak House. Esther were handed the keys to the rooms and pantries. She had perfectly coped with the difficult economic troubles. Here she had met her first real friends – Ada and Richard…

Film version: Bleak House (2005)

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