Being Frank

Level: pre-intermediate

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Cover of book Being Frank by Ian Rankin

The story takes place in Meadows – the city in the north of Edinburgh. Two respectable men were sitting on the bench and talking to each other. They didn’t suspect that somebody could hear them. There was only a napping homeless not far from the bench. However, the men underestimated the beggar. His name was Frank and he was a famous English artist and a brother of an English poetess. Frank often came to Edinburgh in summer to be a tramp. The local people considered him a mad dreamer. Somebody liked, others hated. Everybody knew that Frank was a great chatterbox. When Frank heard the conversation of those men, he went to the local inspector Rebus. Those suspected discussed a terrorist attack. Frank told the inspector the information about a possible threat. Rebus only laughed at him and gave some coins.

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