Appointment with Death

Level: pre-intermediate

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Cover of book Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie

During the holidays in Jerusalem, Poirot overhears Raymond Boynton, who says to his sister: ‘Do not you agree that she’s got to be killed?’ Their mother, Mrs. Boynton is a tyrant and sadist (ex prison guard), she manages all the younger members of the family, she became immediately disliked even those who are not directly related to the family. But when she is found dead, Poirot has only forty-eight hours to solve a riddle, and he does not even have evidence that this is a murder. Poirot affirms that he can investigate the crime, just only by suspects’ interviewing. During the interviews, he restores a chain of events, as well as he finds out that the cause of death, which was…

Film version: Appointment with Death (1988)

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Unique words: 1409

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