Cover of book Apollo's Gold by Antoinette Moses

Liz is too tired as she lives a very busy life. She is studying and teaching; she is writing a book and learning Greek. But she has only 4-5 hours to sleep. In addition her husband left her for his young student. Liz had to leave London and her job. She still hasn’t got over this, she is depressed and angry with her husband’s betrayal. The doctor prescribed her to have a nice rest. So Liz moves to Greece and starts working for the archaeological university. Her new boss Stavros is really a nice man. Stavros is a specialist in the field of the ancient pots. He understands her and sends Liz to the island Sifnos, where he has his own house. The house is in a small fishing village. There Liz can rest in a company of Stavros’ friends. Sifnos has a very exciting legend about Apollo’s gold. But is it really a legend?

Total words: 8225
Unique words: 731

Words, you might not know:

taverna, harbour, jewellery, superwoman, potter, pullover, magnifying, moustache, balkan, diving, guidebook, doorbell, lunchtime, tablecloth, further, anyhow, tidy, cupboard, underwater, archaeology, diver, yacht, torch, pottery, blonde.

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