All I Want

Level: intermediate
Length: long

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Cover of book All I Want by Margaret Johnson

Alex is a very amusing girl. She always gets into funny situations. For instance, she can put on different shoes and she often makes a fool of herself. Alex has a peculiar family that gave her an unforgettable childhood. She also has nice friends Susan, Diana and Kerry. They have very clear ideas about what they want from life. Alex wants not too much. She has made a wish list consisting from seven items. They are: travelling around the world, writing a bestseller, giving up smoking and so on. Now she is thirty and nothing has been done from her wish list. She doesn’t have a permanent work. She only gets temporary jobs from the labor registry office. But one job helped Alex to meet her new boss Brad. He turned her life upside down. Her wish list has changed since that meeting. Now every item is connected with Brad. He became her greatest desire.

Total words: 22229
Unique words: 1602

Words, you might not know:

letterbox, queen, swallowing, seafront, nightclothes, colourful, moodily, lasagne, motorway, carol, worriedly, kidnapped, attracted, minded, fortieth, thirtieth, doubtfully, doormat, drowned, hooray.

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