A Twentieth-century Malady

Level: elementary

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Cover of book A Twentieth-century Malady by Foreman Peter

Reg and his wife Janet live in a house outside a village. They have a new neighbour – a young, quiet man. His name is Richard, he lives a solitary life and often behaves in a really strange way. He hates TV and loud music, prefers walking and keeps to a vegetarian diet. Besides, he always looks sad and even lonely. Naturally, the couple feels sorry for him. They try to help Richard whenever it is possible. But each time he refuses their help. Eventually, however, Janet manages to invite him to a party. But after the party something unexpected happens – the man falls gravely ill. Janet takes care of Richard and makes sure that he eats and behaves just like everybody else. But when the mystery behind the young man’s malady is finally solved, it is too late to save him.

Total words: 2574
Unique words: 618

Words, you might not know:

goodnight, schoolwork, fatten, malady, tenderly, rubbish, zombie, naughty, detached, ringing, armchair, coma, vegetarian, quiz, dizzy, thriller, pudding, heartbeat, cassette, alcoholic, kindness, allergy, pity, overweight, noisy, lazy, toast, amazed.

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