Cover of book A Tidy Ghost by Peter Viney

Marilyn and Rick had been living happily together for several years. Their marriage was successful, their relationship was affectionate. Unfortunately they hadn’t their own place to live. For the last few years they had been saving some money to buy their own house. In the end, when they had a certain sum, they started searching for the estate of their dream. Marilyn found an advertisement about a sale. She and Rick could afford this house. The couple got very excited. Finally their wishes came true. After they had moved into their house, the strange things started happening. Could it be a ghost? Marilyn decided to find out some information about their new home. Her investigation became more and more thrilling. An unexpected final is waiting for the readers.

Total words: 3699
Unique words: 572

Words, you might not know:

pearl, letterbox, starred, summerhouse, nightclothes, advert, shepherdess, jewellery, bush, cheque, henhouse, nightdress, questioningly, ach, noiselessly, unwell, fused, chipping, telegraph, ford, choker, lorry, unwillingly, doormat, forgetful, eyed, rose, guiltily, admiringly, fortnight.

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