A Tangled Web

Level: advanced
Length: long

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Cover of book A Tangeled Web by Alan Maley

Dan was dismissed from MI6 after the failure of an important operation in the United States. He and survived members of the operation had to disappear from the country. He divorced his wife left his daughter from that marriage, but their relationship is bad because of his work. He regrets that he was a bad father but nothing he could do, he better do not build close relationship with his daughter – this was one of the conditions for withdrawal from MI6 – their old personality with all the connections had to disappear, and new people will appear in several other countries. Formers do not know about each other location and such they fill safe. But suddenly Dan is attacked by someone from his past life.

Total words: 24010
Unique words: 2547

Words, you might not know:

shockwaves, bleeding, torch, briefcase, concentrated , respectable, marmalade, luggage, chief, elegantly-dressed, foreign, dawn, trigger, overcrowded

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