Cover of book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

It is the most published book by Charles Dickens, it has a special look on the French Revolution. It was time of soul-searching not only for French people, but also for all European. You won’t meet in this story names of famous revolutionaries and kings. Here is a history of the one family, which had been involved in a terrifying meat grinder of revolution. A high-level bank officer goes to France with a task. He has to report a daughter of his old client that her father is alive. Their family was taking a part in a court process on Charles Darnay five years ago. He had been accused in treason. At the same time, the masses seized power in France. The new life has begun, it was full of violence against people, who had infringed upon the rights of the simple people before this.

Film version: A Tale of Two Cities

Total words: 14338
Unique words: 1049

Words, you might not know:

mender, queen, seine, frenchwoman, cruncher, grindstone, friendless, lorry, onwards, august, crazily, nobleman, unselfish, cleverness, guillotine, restlessly, employed, goodnight, unopened, trembling, emigrant.

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