A Picture to Remember

Level: elementary

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Cover of book A Picture to Remember by Sarah Scott Malden

Christina Rinaldi works at the National Museum. She loves her work and art is her great interest. In the morning, the director of the museum calls her to his office. There is an important job for her to do: the famous Paris museum wants to send several expensive paintings to Buenos Aires. These artworks are need to be met and accompanied. Christina happily agrees. She herself wants to see these canvases in her hometown. Christina’s mood is great for the rest of the day. This exhibition promises to be be very interesting. After work, Christine gets on her motorcycle and leaves the museum. The day is warm and pleasant. But on the way, she meets an armed man with an unusual bright tattoo around his neck. He notices the motorcyclist. Christina realizes that soon she will have new problems. It’s time to forget about the paintings.

Total words: 8856
Unique words: 896

Words, you might not know:

queen, saturnalia, merrymaking, maypole, invaded, proclaimed, jewellery, colourful, honour, crackers, banished, cupid, bobbing, carol, mistletoe, toffee, addressee, practise, moorish, calypso, candied, nativity, motorbike, august, shamrock, flagpole, barbecued, imposed.

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