A Devoted Son

Level: elementary

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Cover of book A Devoted Son by Anita Desai

One of the stories that appeared in the famous collection “Games in the Twilight”. Unlike the other writer’s books, where women are main characters, “Devoted son” is about male characters. The book tells us about the relationship of the father and the son in a traditional Indian family. It raises the problem of old age and the loss of understanding between generations. The story is written in the style of realism with a lot of good quality humour. The main character is a student Rakesh. He is very respectful of his parents. He is very clever young man and once he gets the opportunity to go to the United States. Rakesh becomes a good doctor. But in order to take care of the aged parents, a successful doctor returns to his impoverished country. And after that an unexpected conflict between Rakesh and the father begins.

Total words: 2562
Unique words: 676

Words, you might not know:

betel, colourful, enviously, spitting, chewing, envious, rubbish, smelly, obedient, lying, veranda, mouthful, respectfully, lovingly, enthusiastically, congratulations, careless, annoy, stained, managed, plump, envy, cricket, congratulate, annoying, violently, eagerly, raised, trousers.

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