Cover of book The Hitch Hiker by Tim Vicary

A man was standing on the road and waiting for somebody to pick him up. He did not look like a usual hitchhiker, so Sue Fraser decided to give him a lift. Usually she does not pick up anybody, but today she stopped. There was something very strange about his appearance and behavior. While they were going, they saw a huge car crash. Sue worked in the police and she had to help. A driver, who was the cause of the accident, explained to her everything. A man had run to the road and the driver had to stop. A car behind hit him and the driver with his daughter were injured. The culprit said he had shot down a man. But the police didn’t find the body. They thought the driver was crazy or his head was very injured. However, twenty years ago there was the same situation on that place.

Total words: 6249
Unique words: 650

Words, you might not know:

policewoman, hitchhiker, bookshop, whit, mil, gravestone, moustache, lying, lapel, swerve, lunchtime, liter, hitch, thoughtfully, hiker, managed, bandage, losing, handkerchief, groan, trousers, strangely, sergeant, loudly, thoughtful, afterwards, confused, sixty.

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Cover of book Ear-rings from Frankfurt by Reg Wright

Sometimes our brothers and sisters make our life difficult especially if they’re younger and you always feel responsibility for them. If they have some troubles, we help them. This book raises a question – can people change if they make a big mistake in life? The main character of the story is Jennifer Walton. She works as a nurse. Jennifer is a kind and responsible person. She has a younger brother and he is her antipode. His name is Richard. He often changes jobs and girls. He always needs money. When the police come to her looking for her brother she isn’t very surprised. Richard had some problems with the police earlier. But then the police start suspecting her as the accomplice in crime. She is shocked. By an unhappy coincidence she was giving her brother’s criminal boss a lift to the hospital while the crime was being committed. She didn’t know who he was. That was a coincidence. Will the police believe her?

Total words: 6020
Unique words: 574

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, unfriendly, lying, doorbell, kindly, disco, ringing, losing, cupboard, earring, loudly, goodbye, superintendent, waiter, excite, taxi, thief, clever, sometime, till, policeman, cheer, upstairs, diary, eleven, detective.

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Cover of book Dead Mans Island by John Escott

She was a typical teenager and lived with her parents in India and then in Hong-Kong. The girl adored her family and friends. Her hobby was music. She was a big fan of one famous pop star. But some unexpected things happen every now and then. Her father was a businessman and he had to travel a lot. He flew from Australia to his country and the plane was crashed. The girl’s life had been warped since that time too. Everyone overcomes the difficulties as he can, so she decided to forget herself after many months of suffering. She got in touch with a bad company, started taking drugs and doing bad things. Soon she and her mother had to move to England where mother tried to hide her daughter’s past. Most people have “a skeleton in a cupboard”, but sometimes other man’s skeleton can be even more terrible than your own.

Total words: 4726
Unique words: 558

Words, you might not know:

hallo, aeroplane, carol, boatman, moustache, mum, housekeeper, farmhouse, gardening, spoil, seventeen, lazy, dressing, gardener, wildly, eighteen, jam, excite, gown, autumn, sunny, ha, palace, lightning, upstairs, cliff.

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Cover of book Wicked and Humorous Tales by Saki

This is a collection of six incredible stories from the master of sarcasm Hector Hugh Munro, who is more famous as Saki. You may not know that he chose this pen-name after the monkeys, which lived in South America. They have a very calm and delicate character until you dare them. Hector was a shy and clever man. His stories are full of a subtle irony and sarcasm. The book starts from the story “The opened window”. A young man comes to his sister to the countryside, where he wants to improve his health. He goes to his neighbors and gets into a strange situation. The next story tells us about three kids, who gave a good lesson to their neighbor farmer. The farmer had killed their cat. Further you will meet two children, who composed a horrible story about a doll, etc.

Total words: 8051
Unique words: 1104

Words, you might not know:

adventuress, polecat, sulkily, carpathian, pigsty, ventriloquism, crunching, lord, nursemaid, favour, tomcat, sulky, stupidest, indifferently, ventriloquist, toothache, speciality, decently, emporium, joyfully, zoological, ferret, playroom, indigestion, interloper, damnation.

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Cover of book Owl Hall by Robert Campbell

A fifteen-year-old Kara with her mother and younger brother goes to the countryside on holidays. The mother wanted to do a surprise so she did not tell the children the place. She rented a cottage Owl Hall. It was an unknown place. It was not even on the map. Therefore, they lost. Trying to find the right way, they met a man with white teeth and a big dog. He turned out to be their neighbor. Cara did not like him at once. After coming to Owl Hall, Cara hears a strange voice, which asks her to help him and help him go. Neither the girl, nor her brother enjoyed this house. There are no telephone connection, TV or Internet. This cottage is like from a horror movie. Cara decides to make a film about Owl Hall on her telephone. She is also going to write about it in the blog, as the owners of the house asked. During the filming, the girl suddenly notices someone hiding behind the bushes.

Total words: 14782
Unique words: 1073

Words, you might not know:

pyromaniac, trike, dartboard, lei, pyro, bush, motorway, ford, dominated, max, sleepwalk, imagining, mil, directed, goodnight, unopened, collapsed, separating, upload, waving, rubbish, oar, lying, pail, mum, wavy.

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Cover of book Voodoo Island by Michael Duckworth

What do you know about Voodoo? Many people think it can be dangerous. They are right. Those, who use voodoo, usually make dolls of their foes. They make their enemies feel pain using these dolls. A magician can even kill a man. A doctor of Harvard University is flying to Haiti. She is going to work at the local hospital and write a book about Voodoo. Several months ago, she had one patient. He suffered from a terrible pain in the stomach. The man was sure that someone used Voodoo against him. Unfortunately, this patient died. The doctor got very interested in this case. She decided to find the “houngans” in Haiti. The “Houngans” are the people, who still know how to use Voodoo. Many years ago, the strongest Voodoo houngan lived there. He died long ago, but people still believe that he is between two worlds. Even nowadays, they are afraid to pronounce his name aloud.

Total words: 5583
Unique words: 577

Words, you might not know:

believing, aeroplane, graph, lorry, voodoo, lazily, housework, ringing, graveyard, dislike, coconut, noisy, don, bored, goodbye, jam, grind, dusty, taxi, terribly, ha, awake, pencil, pin, doll, excuse.

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Cover of book Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander Smith

Botswana is a successful African country. It is developing very fast. The author of this book Alexander McCall was born here. He loves his native land sincerely. He created a series of books “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective agency.” The head of this agency and the main character is Mma Ramotswe. Mma is called Mrs. or Madam in Botswana. She has a wonderful secretary Mma Makutsi and a real friend Mr. JLB Maketoni, who wants to marry her. They are a great team and help many people. The range of their activities is very wide, from stolen cars to missing people. There is a very interesting and dangerous case about a child waiting for them. The police and the embassy were unable to help a desperate woman find her son. Will Mma Ramotswe be able to help the mother?

Total words: 18911
Unique words: 1245

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, blackmailer, lei, jewellery, bush, lord, believing, anthill, bushman, lorry, secretarial, toolbox, blackmail, hah, kale, schoolboy, giraffe, waving, rubbish, judgement, gratefully, lying, commune, zebra, typing, unhappiness, upside.

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Cover of book The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

This novel consists of three parts. The plot takes place in Victorian England. Everything begins from a young farmer Gilbert Markham, who tells the readers about a mysterious stranger. Her name is Helen Huntington. One day she appears in an old mansion and causes interest and gossip about her personality. A passionate feeling to Helen is born in Gilbert’s heart. However, she prevents their relationship in every possible way. The communication with Helen’s son Arthur ties Gilbert even more to this woman. The neighbors do not accept love between a farmer and Mrs. Graham (Helen Huntingdon). It even leads to the fights of the men and sorting things out. After these events, Helen decides to give Gilbert her personal diary. There she describes her life.

Film version: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Total words: 17598
Unique words: 1024

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, lord, canvass, bowing, bridegroom, eyed, governess, august, nobleman, vicar, coldness, mil, bridle, curling, bridesmaid, moor, madam, lying, naughty, easel, truthful, quarrel, distrust, pleasantly, gambler.

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Cover of book The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler

Phillip Marlowe, a private detective, wants to make some money. He wrote a detective novel and sent it to a publishing house, which prints the horror novels. The editor invited Mr. Marlowe for a meeting. During the meeting the detective understood one thing. The editor was interested in his detective skills. She proposed a deal: if Phillip solved a difficult case, the novel would be published. The case was connected with the disappearance of publisher’s wife. The detective accepted this proposition. There was one thing confusing him. The wife had left with her lover. Despite of this Marlowe started an investigation as he urgently needed money. Suddenly he was caught up in a complicated story.

Total words: 7132
Unique words: 511

Words, you might not know:

bay, puma, fawn, goodnight, whisky, redhead, cupboard, ninety, bill, trousers, chess, scarf, goodbye, tin, murderer, excite, taxi, clever, sunny, policeman, eleven, angel, bath.

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Cover of book The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens

Like many other novels of Charles Dickens, there is a child in the thick of things. This work is less known compared to his other books, but it is no way inferior to them in sincerity and depth. The most unexpected things happen to the girl Nell. She has a grandfather. Lately her grandpa often goes somewhere at nights. From time to time, he is very generous and talkative. He tells Nell about a big fortune she will get after his death. Every now and then, her grandfather is sad and quiet. After his night walks, he sleeps in the armchair behind the counter of their shop. Recently Nell’s elder brother came to the shop to talk to grandfather. He shouted at him and threatened to disclose his secret. Brother keeps a very bad lifestyle and tries to get grandfather’s money using blackmail. It makes Nell upset, but she still loves her family.

Total words: 18162
Unique words: 1171

Words, you might not know:

waxwork, tommy, marchioness, sixpence, boatyard, emptied, sally, unkindly, lodger, unwell, curio, inquest, shilling, candlelit, churchyard, straightaway, sized, employed, freed, keyhole, mil, uncertainly, coffeehouse, goodnight, landlady, wharf, begging, ugliness.

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