Cover of book Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

This is an exciting criminal story of love and passion, betrayal and treason, greed and egoism. The dynamic storyline and bright images are sure to hold the reader’s attention. Iris Marle’s sister Rosemary commits suicide after a nasty illness and long depression. Six years older than her sister, Rosemary has always been beautiful, funny, and clever, which made Iris jealous. Rosemary’s life had been like a happy dream until she married George Barton, in many aspects her opposite: quiet, withdrawn and not very rich. Rosemary was bright, sociable, outgoing and, thanks to her godfather, financially secure… Given the difference, was Rosemary’s death really from suicide?

Film version: Sparkling Cyanide

Total words: 25018
Unique words: 2144

Words, you might not know:

resented, destined, educating, unfolded, judged, reassured, hector, woollen, summoning, snapped, conjuring, interfering, passionless, goddaughter, dismissed, frowning, voicing, notepaper, jewellery, smilingly, slashed, honour, adored, cheque, lord, washbasin.

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Cover of book Grace Darling by Tim Vicary

Forfarshire was a good modern ship. All its passengers thought nothing bad could happen. Forfarshire was travelling from Hull to Dundee and was about five kilometres east of St Abbs Head, in Scotland where wind became so strong that waves started to beat against the sides of the boat fiercely. An engineer Daniel Donovan had bad feelings from the very beginning and he was confirmed by strange sounds from the engine. Suddenly, the engine failed and the boat stopped. The high wind changed the course of the boat and it started to go to the North. A poor sailor William Darlins, and his daughter Grace, had to do some heroic deed that day to save many lives. After that day, their names remained in British history forever…

Total words: 6414
Unique words: 583

Words, you might not know:

rook, cloche, undressed, forger, churchman, blowing, boathouse, drowned, hoy, yon, hark, lass, shunt, wrecked, shipwreck, flashing, waving, screaming, oar, lying, uncomfortably, lighthouse, lug, candlelight, mend.

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Cover of book Cinderella Man by Marc Cerasini

It is the legendary biography, which can inspire you for achievements and give you a confidence in yourself. This book is about a unique man – James Braddock. His life costs not only a film, but also a book. He was an obstinate man and always achieved his ends. James Braddock was imposed to retire from the box sport after breaking his hand in the contest. It was a hard time for the USA, the time of the Great Depression. The former sportsman did any job he could found. He also had a family, a wife and two children who had to be fed. Braddock dreamt about his returning to sport and regaining his glory and his dignity. Finally, he took the great opportunity and mounted the ring for obtaining the world title.

Film version: Cinderella Man

Total words: 21001
Unique words: 1457

Words, you might not know:

positioned, dodging, delivered, circled, squeezed, punched, believing, emptied, protecting, uneaten, primo, examined, narrowed, silenced, squeezing, goer, punching, fitter, supported, deserved, timed, backhand, joining, introduced.

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Cover of book Swan Lake by Jenny Dooley

This is a fairytale, which became known thanks to a famous Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s ballet. It is a love story between Prince Zigfried and a swan. It all has began when the Prince’s father died. The Prince was in a deep sorrow for a long time. His loyal servant Ozlowe tried very hard to cheer him but he failed every time. During his other attempt, he proposed his master to leave their castle for a walk. While they were wandering around a forest, they found a lake. A beautiful white swan with a gold crown on its head was swimming there. Ozlowe decided to kill the animal for Prince’s pleasure and shot an arrow. Prince Zigfried tried to stop his servant but it was too late. Fortunately, the arrow missed its target. Ozlowe became a stone, and the swan disappeared mysteriously…

Film version: Swan Lake

Total words: 5273
Unique words: 634

Words, you might not know:

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Cover of book The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Button came into the world in far 1860, it was the last day of the War. He looked like an old, little man. His father was upset and wanted to kill him, but then he exposed him to the hospitage. People around thought that this man was born for suffering, but he had become one of the happiest people in the world. The nature’s anomaly had born him and given the great opportunity – Conversely live. He wasn’t getting older like everybody, he was becoming younger the whole his life. He had a hard way, full of sense, friendship, and good people. And the most important – by love. Our hero got acquainted with the world around through communication with old people that’s why he avoided mistakes, which usual people always make.

Film version: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Total words: 8990
Unique words: 1916

Words, you might not know:

brougham, anaemic, querulously, mumbling, escorted, attained, butterflied, pasting, fanned, mellowness, phaeton, compensated, redoubled, blamed, trustingly, heartiness, swallowing, concealing, jingling, disclosed, snapped, gasping, mantilla, untiring, submitted, glued, asserted, untied, reconciled, sighing, stupefied.

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Cover of book Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

This story is about a redhead girl Anne, who wants to find her own place in this life very much. She lost her parents in infancy and didn’t know anything about love and care. Despite of orphanhood and loneliness, she did not lose her kindness and optimism. Accidently she settled at a house of a man and a woman who were brother and sister. They lived lonely at a village on an island of Prince Eduard and were looking for a young assistant who could help with their farm. They wanted to take a boy for a such job, but eventually they got the talking Anne. The girl is smart and lively, she wants to share her kindness with everybody. But deep inside she even doesn’t like herself. She doesn’t like her name, her pale face with freckles and red pigtails. Her employers, who became her new parents decided to take care about her. Anne is growing, but inside she is still staying childlike and the very direct.

Film version: Anne of Green Gables

Total words: 7296
Unique words: 559

Words, you might not know:

queen, croup, undressed, unkind, brooch, housework, coldly, cordial, buggy, excitedly, thirsty, inviting, orphanage, dye, slate, orphan, listening, orchard, rude, bored, sadly, loudly.

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Cover of book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

France 1815, Napoleon in exile. The ship named Pharaon came home to Marseilles without a Capitan. When the Capitan died during the travelling, Edmond Dantes, a young First Officer replaced him. Edmond was a brave and a clever young man so when he unexpectedly received a letter from Napoleon he agreed to bring the secret paper to Paris. The ship owner had liked Dantes’s work as a Capitan when his ship successfully returned home, so he proposed him to be a new Capitan at new sailing that was planned on next month. During month of awaiting oncoming Capitan were going to marry a beautiful girl Mercedes and went to Paris to hand the letter. The bright and happy future were waiting for the sailor. However, Dantes’s colleague, who wanted his woman and his position on the ship, broke everything.

Film version: The Count of Monte Cristo

Total words: 11437
Unique words: 865

Words, you might not know:

greyness, shipowner, hearted, hungrily, whit, carelessness, seaman, heron, hopelessness, shopkeeper, silvery, stormy, axe, falling, marshal, kindly.

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Cover of book The Thirty-nine Steps by John Buchan

Richard Hannay was born in Scotland but had been leaving and working for 20 years in Africa. At the age of thirty-seven he returned to Britain as enough rich and happy young man. The events of the novel took place when Europe was on the threshold of the First World War. Meanwhile Richard became a neighbour with Franklin P. Scudder. It turned out Franklin was an American journalist who was writing about politics. He had managed to scout out the German spies plans as for hostilities outbreak. Every day Franklin told him some pieces of the stories and made certain notes into his black notebook. Although Richard was not interested in politics, he was just delighted with the journalist’s adventures. One evening our hero discovered his neighbour dead. Obliviously, Franklin passed the baton to Richard.

Film version: The Thirty-nine Steps

Total words: 19008
Unique words: 1074

Words, you might not know:

letterbox, coastguard, ruff, hullo, lord, rhodesian, farmyard, milkman, admiralty, detonator, arresting, pall, mil, wok, innkeeper.

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Cover of book The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

This book is about the dangerous and funny adventures in Africa. You will go to Savannah together with the main hero Jack. He is twelve years boy and he lives there with his parents and an older sister with her husband. You will know a lot about such great animals as giraffes and about their behavior. You’ll love a handsome baby giraffe Spotty and his brave and wise mother. Together with Jack, you’ll worry about giraffes and will try to save them from angry man Bill. Let us not judge too harshly Bill. He loves his wife so much and always wants her dreams come true and does everything for it, even if it’s evil things! One day his wife Jill wanted to have a pet giraffe. So Bill decided to catch the animal in the grasslands, despite the fact that it is illegal.

Total words: 5179
Unique words: 496

Words, you might not know:

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Cover of book The Tales from the Arabian Nights by Antoine Galland

The wounded heart of the Sultan Shahriar didn’t know any mercy. Betrayed by his beloved wife, he hated all women in the world. Every day he took a new wife into his bedroom and every night, their heads were cut off. It was a strange way to protect himself from the pain in his heart again. A search of a new wife became an unsolvable problem for sultan’s vizier during the time. Anxious parents hid or sent away their daughters as far as possible from the cruel governor. The vizier started to worry about his own life when almost no young women left. One of his two daughters, Sheherazade asked his father to make her the new Sultan’s wife. At first, the worried father refused to satisfy his daughter’s desire, but she convinced him she had a very genius plan.

Film version: The Tales from the Arabian Nights

Total words: 8670
Unique words: 503

Words, you might not know:

judged, woodcutter, birdsong, genie, unkind, firewood, changed, donkey, magician, barber, dwarf, loved, olive, sadly, loudly, visiting, downstairs, grind, thief, clever, seller.

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