Cover of book A Dream Come True by Andrea M. Hutchinson

When you reach sixteen in the UK you can leave school. But you can continue your education for two more years and pass advanced level exams (“A level”). Young people have to choose subjects to study. They have a choice: to study for a future career or just for fun. Usually many teenagers try to find a job to earn some money on holiday and at the weekends. Ellie has an ordinary teenager’s life. She is seventeen and works at her father’s shop. She tries to pass the exams at school. Ellie has something special apart from her contemporaries. She loves music and dreams to be a singer. Her favorite singer Murphy will come to Glastonbury with a music program. Ellie won’t be able to go to the concert because of her study and work. Ellie was in despair and was going to give up. However, the music shop announced a competition…

Total words: 6395
Unique words: 862

Words, you might not know:

maths, believing, phew, barbeque, rucksack, august, passe, postman, storeroom, shelve, crossword, jingle, cheers, lying, approaching, stepmother, duet, lunchtime, housekeeper, backstage, yawn, ringing, fridge, curly, interruption.

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Cover of book Murder at Coyote Canyon by Clemen D. B. Gina

One family moved from Florida to California. They were going to live in a small town Portola Point. This town is named after the Spanish explorer. In the 18th century, he supplanted the native inhabitants Chumash from the territories. Now the Chumash live in the reservation near Portola Point. The family had been living in the town for 3 months. Everything was fine. The children’s friend from Florida came to them for the summer holidays. One day the children were playing in the yard. Suddenly they felt land shaking. It was an earthquake. The earthquakes had been happening for the last months. Everybody was worried. The next day on the 4th of July, during the parade, a shaman of Chumash came to the citizens. He told them that they had to stop the building on the ancient cemetery in Coyote Canyon. Otherwise, they would regret very much. The disasters were coming…

Total words: 8734
Unique words: 1003

Words, you might not know:

scrying, queen, majorette, bareback, bucking, acme, surfing, hurrah, pacific, barbeque, anagram, bay, transferred, bookshop, bridle, moccasin, bye, aftershock, nick, stallion, headdress, printout, swimsuit, personalized, marching, gallop, mysteriously, doorbell.

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Cover of book The Bird of Happiness and Other Wise Tales by Herdon Tim

This book contains eight kind and wise parables. You will find a deep meaning in simple words. These tales were created in different parts of the world: Russia, America, Burma, China, Egypt, Mexico, Guinea and India. The first story tells us about a woodcutter and his ill son. The boy asks his father to bring him a bird. It is his last desire. The next tale is about a baker, who wants to get payment even for the smell of his perfect baked goods. You will also learn about a young man who dreams to become an alchemist and make gold from dust. A Chinese old man will teach you wisdom. He always says “Good luck, or bad luck who knows”. It is true, as we never know how the things will turn out even if everything seems good. Another tale is about a man. He desires to become very rich and makes a business plan.

Total words: 8347
Unique words: 676

Words, you might not know:

clinking, woodcutter, taming, bridegroom, galloping, alchemist, lather, clink, hurtful, lying, shopkeeper, waking, tame, kindly, baker, quarry, disappoint, tortilla, planting, trousers, camel, fastest, sew, lazy.

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Cover of book The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton

Once there was a strong and clever king in one country. He was unhappy because the citizens of his country were wrongdoers. The king thought for a long a time how he could change his folk for the better. One day good idea crossed his mind. He built a big and nice stadium. It contained five thousand people. They thought it had been created for having a good time. They were wrong. There were two blue doors in the stadium. Behind one door there was a tiger. Behind the other one there was a beautiful lady. Since that time someone, who did something wrong, would have to go the stadium. There he would make a choice and open one door. He would either be eaten or get married to the lady. People were scared. The wrongdoers had to be very careful. Can people change?

Total words: 1631
Unique words: 292

Words, you might not know:

firstly, moustache, secondly, excite, clever, stadium, park, hungry, dirty, lover, sad, lucky, bread, closely, tired, opening, cheap, tooth, cat, brown, angry, dance, carefully, danger, shut, tall, lady, flower.

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Cover of book Berlin Express by Michael Austen

As it usually happens, trains are not only a way of travelling. A lot of interesting can happen there. The twenty-year-old Japanese student has been travelling on his holiday alone. It is not very popular to travel on your own, but he had a reason. The student broke up with his girlfriend after six months in relationship. The girlfriend could not stand his love to the dog and left him. All their mutual friends supported her. The young man remained in loneliness. But later, sitting in the train he decided to leave all his problems in the past. These holidays would be the best in his life. And the fate gave him an opportunity to forget his misery. The student took the mobile phone of another passenger by mistake. He read some text messages. To his horror he understood that the phone owner was going to kill someone. Now the student wants to prevent such an awful crime. Certainly, if it is not a misunderstanding.

Film version: Berlin Express

Total words: 19673
Unique words: 1352

Words, you might not know:

screensaver, eyehole, sayonara, grandfatherly, nightdress, narrowed, braking, hotdog, silenced, terrifically, untroubled, practise, crazily, toothy, imagining, dreamily, bossy, bah, keypad, homesick, tearful, schoolboy, sightseeing, smartly, chariot, retriever.

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Cover of book Business at the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates

This book inspires everybody to take actions for their future. The greatest billionaire, the head of a huge computer company “Microsoft” Bill Gates wrote it. The book was published in 1999. The author shares his knowledge of business principles and how to use information technology properly. If you want to create your own business, it is not enough being led only by your intuition and luck. The modern business is a powerful system, which already uses advanced information technologies. The book is addressed to those people who do not want to stop on the achieved results but prefer to use new technologies for their business, to bring it to automatism. Here you will also find stories of life of many people who have achieved success without much effort.

Total words: 30260
Unique words: 2272

Words, you might not know:

reengineering, aided, altering, charting, automat, outsourced, salesroom, burdened, webpage, combining, misused, servicer, downloaded, representing, ranging, egghead, outsourcing, xerox, sacking, dawning, paperless, whiteboard, jiffy, affecting, mailroom, personalization, pacific, annoyingly, proving, assessed.

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Cover of book Board Games by Butler James

Arthur Mowbray is a head of a huge company. He created his company after he had invented a board game “Mowbray’s Killer”. The game was made of cardboard and Plasticine figures. One day something terrible happened. His body was found in the dining room of his country house. Inspector Ainsworth started investigating this case. He has no evidence and no witnesses. But there are many suggestions. Ainsworth suspects that one of the directors can be guilty. He has to dive into the world of a fierce competition between the employees to learn the real truth and to find the killer. Will he be able to remain unharmed at the end? And the company is not so great it appears to be at first glance. Let’s see what a single inspector can do against the entire corporation.

Total words: 8680
Unique words: 958

Words, you might not know:

tommy, lord, scribbled, enquire, gloomily, scornfully, offence, cleverness, humiliated, commissioned, constable, sympathetically, solicitor, withholding, confirmed, triumphantly, judgement, jukebox, lying, hurriedly, redundant, loathe, fright, bookcase.

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Cover of book Missing in Sydney by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Three friends Ami, Lisa and Claire decided to have a great holiday before entering the university. The friends had been planning this vacation for two years. They arrived in hot Australia from cold London in search of adventures and impressions. What could be better that a celebration of New Year on the beach in Sydney? During the party Lisa discovered that she had forgotten her purse. So she asked her friends to lend her some money. Instead of a not big sum she got many reproaches form Ami and Claire that she was always forgetting her money. Lisa got angry and joined another group which was also celebrating. The beach was full of people. After the party Ami and Claire didn’t find Lisa. She wasn’t in the room of the hostel where they stayed. She didn’t come in the morning either. The girls started looking for her.

Total words: 4313
Unique words: 723

Words, you might not know:

harbour, koala, cairn, barbecued, bungee, ripped, hostel, ail, waving, countdown, cuddle, cheers, lying, manly, unforgettable, jack, urgently, further, breathless, sharing, obstruct, kindly, ringing, tidy, walkway, terrified.

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Cover of book Miami Police File the O'nell Case by Clemen D. B. Gina

Florida is a large peninsula, washed by the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The story tells us about a small tourist town Montego Bay, located on the eastern coast of this peninsula. Montego Bay has an interesting history from the deep past. The pirates discovered this place and hid the stolen treasures here. Montego Bay used to be their port. Nowadays the town has many mysterious legends. These legends make people crazy and they become desperate treasure seekers. One of them is Peter O’Nell. He used to be a school teacher and the children loved him. He bought a boat and began to sail a lot. One day he didn’t come back. The boat was found empty on the Bermuda Triangle area. The police couldn’t solve this case. Peter O’Nell’s pupils come to help the police with the teacher’s faithful dog. Will they be able to find out the truth?

Total words: 6671
Unique words: 915

Words, you might not know:

matt, stroking, embalmed, whimpering, bandana, bay, beagle, ugh, macabre, bye, nick, trembling, whimper, unlucky, scuba, registry, diving, priceless, alright, mysteriously, jack, superstition, leash, rover, seventeenth.

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Cover of book The Monkey King by Wu Cheng

Everything started from the fact that a rock gave birth to an egg. A monkey hatched from it. The future king of monkeys easily found a common language with the monkeys born naturally. After a while, they recognized his superiority and chose him their king. Many years later, the monkey king started worrying about his death. He decided to leave his kingdom and to go into the unknown in search of immortality. At the very beginning of the journey, he studied magic and learned how to transform into various objects. Then he had to kill a demon. Finally, he found the registry of death where he struck out his name and the names of many other monkeys. Gods united and arrested the immortal Monkey King. But the Monkey King didn’t lie when he called himself a great and wise king. He managed to escape from the heaven prison.

Total words: 28561
Unique words: 1393

Words, you might not know:

jewelled, queen, basketful, disbelieving, jewellery, bringer, boatmen, cudgel, bowing, purposeless, boatman, huntsman, squeezing, impolite, practise, admiringly, fearfully, tartar, hungrily, passe, postman, hunted, bottomless, lightness, admiring, foolishness, disobey.

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