Cover of book The Monkey King by Wu Cheng

Everything started from the fact that a rock gave birth to an egg. A monkey hatched from it. The future king of monkeys easily found a common language with the monkeys born naturally. After a while, they recognized his superiority and chose him their king. Many years later, the monkey king started worrying about his death. He decided to leave his kingdom and to go into the unknown in search of immortality. At the very beginning of the journey, he studied magic and learned how to transform into various objects. Then he had to kill a demon. Finally, he found the registry of death where he struck out his name and the names of many other monkeys. Gods united and arrested the immortal Monkey King. But the Monkey King didn’t lie when he called himself a great and wise king. He managed to escape from the heaven prison.

Total words: 28561
Unique words: 1393

Words, you might not know:

jewelled, queen, basketful, disbelieving, jewellery, bringer, boatmen, cudgel, bowing, purposeless, boatman, huntsman, squeezing, impolite, practise, admiringly, fearfully, tartar, hungrily, passe, postman, hunted, bottomless, lightness, admiring, foolishness, disobey.

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Cover of book The Earthquake by Laird Elizabeth

This book is written by the modern author form New Zealand. She used to be a teacher and taught in many countries. Now she creates the touching stories for young people. Her books are translated into many languages. This work is about love difficult times. When a catastrophe happens, people first try to find their relatives or friends under the wrecks of the collapsed life. You will find a classic love triangle in the book. Sylvia is a young woman. She takes care of her ill mother. The family used to be rich, but everything changed after father’s death. Gabriel is a young man, who is very kind and generous. He is Sylvia’s old friend and he loves her. However, Sylvia loves Marco. Marco is a reach person. He is interested only in his fortune. A great earthquake happens on one Saturday evening. The tragedy completely changes their lives.

Total words: 4903
Unique words: 466

Words, you might not know:

newsreader, jewellery, washroom, rose, mum, kindly, oasis, thirsty, armchair, cinema, rubble, cafe, waiter, grind, excite, taxi, thief, boring, terribly, ha, policeman, supermarket, earthquake, ruin, liberty, intelligent, excuse, park, midnight, dear.

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Cover of book Dead Man's Chest by Irene Trimble

In ancient times goddess Calypso lived on the Earth. She was incredibly gorgeous and owned all the waters of the planet. Her wanderings through the waters led her to a simple sailor Davy Jones. They fell in love with each other. One day Jones arranged a date with her but she didn’t come. The man in love decided Calypso had betrayed him. He cut his heart out to relieve his suffering and put it into a chest. The sailor hid this chest on the unknown land. He became a bloodthirsty pirate and sailed on the ship “Flying Dutchman”. He looked for the debtors. Captain Jack Sparrow became one of these debtors. Now he has to find out one hundred innocent souls in exchange for his one. These souls will be Davy Jones’ slaves instead of Jack. Will Turner is an obstacle for Jack Sparrow’s aim.

Film version: Dead Man’s Chest

Total words: 12033
Unique words: 834

Words, you might not know:

kraken, pearl, lord, emptied, questioningly, undead, boatman, drunkenly, churchman, bootstrap, unhurt, eyed, unshaven, dutchman, hungrily, freed, unlit, toothless, leech, hah, punishing, sparrow, bravely, rowing, firewood, untrue, jack.

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Cover of book One Day by Nicholls David

Everything started in 1988. A girl named Emma Morley and a boy named Dexter Mayhew were lying on the narrow bed in Emma’s room. They shared a flat together. It was four o’clock in the morning. These two young people did not know each other very well. But that night was full of thoughts concerning the future. It was the last night of their university life in Edinburgh. After four years, they finally graduated. Soon they will go their own different ways. Only after one day together, the boy and the girl cannot stop thinking about each other. The young people are only at the beginning of their lives. They are forced to make difficult choices. Emma and Dexter have the whole life ahead. They will have enough time to make mistakes.

Total words: 18879
Unique words: 1412

Words, you might not know:

birdwatch, rhymed, loveable, washbasin, marvellous, delicatessen, primrose, expensively, fortnight, bookshop, earpiece, prawn, sledgehammer, chowder, daybreak, menial, sensibly, resigned, headmaster, schoolgirl.

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Cover of book The Silver Swans by Gallico Paul

Once a doctor, who works at the museum, was walking along the bank of the river Thames in Chelsea. Lots of creative people live in Chelsea and many of them prefer houseboats. They enjoy living on the water. It inspires them and they draw pictures. When the doctor was looking at the houseboats, he noticed a freshly painted small boat called Nerine. A young lady owned this boat. She stuck in the hole and couldn’t push back the cover because of the fresh paint. The doctor helped her get out on the deck. They became friends. The lady was quite unusual. She had a pseudonym “Thetis”. She lived together with two fishes and an octopus on the boat. Sometimes Thetis would sit near the aquarium and imagine that she lived on the bottom of the ocean. The girl sang a sad song to the doctor. Its title was “The Silver Swans”. In this song she asked how she could recognize a true love.

Total words: 3491
Unique words: 538

Words, you might not know:

colourful, lord, pacific, dreamily, houseboat, undersea, octopus, lying, swan, mend, thoughtfully, cupboard, underwater, windy, rainy, trousers, deepest, unwanted, rude, loudly, sadness, polite, excite, sailor, clever, sometime, beard, halfway.

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Cover of book Alien at School by Michelle Brown

Jennifer Dale is sixteen years old American teenager who is 90dreaming about journalist career. She is excited about starting education at a high school. She and her friends dream about handsome and nice teachers, preferably men. They got some male, but their expectations weren’t justified completely. Mr Stone is an teacher of English, his appearance very weird. He is cold, unemotional, has metallic voice like a robot. He shocked Jane and her friends at the very first day. Next day they noticed that he drinks strange liquid and takes black pills. His eyes changes their colour from time to time and he talks to sky during his walks outside! Guys have enough clues for considering that their teacher isn’t a human. As says International Space Fan Club, constellation and a comet has met just a week ago in such way that there is a big possibility of alien’s voyage on Earth.

Total words: 6664
Unique words: 986

Words, you might not know:

phosphorescence, bush, pounded, diskette, inconsiderate, superficiality, brusquely, electrocute, intergalactic, doghouse, communicating, passe, incredulously, sundae, hamster, occult, yellowish, hypnotize, monotonous, triumphantly.

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Cover of book Turn of the Screw by James Henry

Welcome to the world of English literature of the 19th century. This book was honored with a huge number of film adaptations and theater productions. The novel of Henry James “The Turn of the Screw” can rightly be regarded as a model of gothic style. It contains everything, which is an attribute of this literary trend. The book will undoubtedly be interesting not only for those who love terrible, but those who enjoy logical puzzles. A governess is in the center of the story, who was hired for growing two orphans. Also, she was given a condition – she should not in any case to their uncle and guardian, and had to decide all problems by herself or together with a housekeeper. Everything would be great, if not a secret story, which hovers around of them. The point is that the children have had a governess before this one, which suddenly died…

Total words: 6323
Unique words: 596

Words, you might not know:

quint, schoolroom, governess, wickedness, lovable, lying, naughty, candlelight, housekeeper, losing, dreadful, specially, moonlight, wicked, packet, bored, goodbye, frighten, supper, sadness, murderer, innocence.

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Cover of book The Willing Ghost by Robert Wellington

A young woman came to the office of a private detective. He recognized her almost immediately. She was an heiress of one of the richest people in England. Her photos were almost in all newspapers. He father died a year ago. Everything he owned he bequeathed to her, including a big old house. It was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its age was over three hundred years old. Actually, the house was the reason to contact the investigator. The client was sure there were ghosts in it. It started three months ago. Every midnight a strange noise happened in the house. As soon as the property owner started looking for the reason, the noise stopped. The woman looked exhausted due to the lack of regular sleep and fear. The detective promised to investigate this case. The noise turned out to be not of the some supernatural origin. It was something more real and unexpected.

Total words: 6906
Unique words: 1078

Words, you might not know:

pearl, remarried, exercising, forecourt, jewellery, jokey, sot, cupful, cheque, mined, extracted, unpolished, trimmed, discotheque, knight, royalist, downwards, overlooked, gemstone, luxuriant, consignment, burmese, parliamentarian, firstly, uncut, ringleader, contraband.

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Cover of book Audrey Hepburn by Chris Rice

This is a biography of a legendary actress and style idol in the Hollywood in the 1950-60. This book is about Audrey Hepburn. It’s written in an easy and understandable language. The reader will get an opportunity to go through Audrey’s sad and happy moments from birth till death. She was a kind and a gentle person with a smile on her face, as many her admires remember. But her life wasn’t always happy. Her way to success was thorny. Her parents divorced when she was 6 and she survived the Second World War. Ballet was her dream but her appearance wasn’t suitable for this kind of art as Audrey had overweight. The years of war and hunger solved this problem. She became very thin and fragile. When she became a bright ballet star, a film director noticed her beauty and grace. Audrey was invited for filming. From that moment her life changed forever.

Total words: 3756
Unique words: 578

Words, you might not know:

cooper, baroness, august, charade, psycho, sizzle, unfriendly, peck, jack, schoolteacher, wonderfully, lavender, sunglasses, noisy, ballet, seventeen, mob, thirteen, sixty, goodbye, jam, grind, excite, boring, sometime, mansion.

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Cover of book A Taste of Murder by Sue Arengo

Private Nursing Agency sent a nurse Anne Harrison to a house of a famous writer Kitty Blakemore. Nobody seriously considered that she is ill, the woman had a reputation like hypochondriac. The nurse Anne notices after arriving at the house, that people surrounded Mrs Blackmore don’t like her at all, because woman has a terrible temper. Mrs Blackmore doesn’t have strong feelings for them either. Only person, who she loves from all her heart is her nephew, he is a local vicar. The Reverend John Palmer visits his aunt very often and always brings her a chocolate. Mrs Blakemore is sure, that somebody is poisoning her and tells about it to her new nurse. But nobody believes her and in vain. One morning they finds her dead.

Total words: 5441
Unique words: 720

Words, you might not know:

rood, policewoman, hypochondriac, kitty, vicar, mil, constable, goodnight, cyanide, unkind, scrambled, lying, toothpaste, arsenic, tonic, lunchtime, astonishment, housekeeper, astonished, mend, annoy, managed, fridge, apron, autopsy.

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