Cover of book The Waxwork by Alfred Burrage

There are many things people are ready to do when they need money. A modest journalist is forced to apply to the head of Marriner’s Waxworks and ask to let him spend a night in this museum. There is a Murderers’ Room. Many waxworks of the most terrific maniacs in the world are gathered there. It is terrifying to spend some time along in this room. A brave man, who agrees to spend a night in the museum, will get a fee. The journalist is going to do this. He also promises the head to write the article about Marriner’s Waxworks into the famous newspaper. It will be a good advertising for attracting the visitors. The deal is easy. Now the journalist has to stay at night in the museum. The most terrible thing is the waxwork of one French maniac. He hypnotized his victims before to wrest their throats. The maniac is said to have died, but his body isn’t found yet.

Total words: 2820
Unique words: 428

Words, you might not know:

waxwork, wrongdoer, jumpy, unmoving, doings, goodnight, moustache, cleanly, undress, armchair, losing, dye, luckily, razor, madame, wax, daytime, closing, murderer, poorly, follower, clever, policeman, killing, hungry, differently, standing, tire.

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Cover of book Macbeth by William Shakespeare

A Scottish knight Macbeth, who got a lot of victories for the glory of King Duncan, receives a prophecy from three witches. According to their words, he was to be a King of Scotland. Macbeth believes them. His wife also desires it, so she encourages him. Macbeth takes everything upon himself and kills Duncan. He accuses Duncan’s heirs of this crime. The young Princes have to escape from the country. The prophecy comes true and Macbeth becomes a King. But it ruins his soul. The throne of the usurper is shaky, and the legal heirs are already preparing a mutiny… The tragedy is partly based on a true biography of Scottish King Macbeth although he was credited with committing crimes and having relationship with evil spirits. The real Macbeth was not involved in such dark attitudes.

Total words: 13553
Unique words: 1181

Words, you might not know:

pricking, queen, thane, armour, kingly, honour, lord, chewed, crowned, lustful, nobly, doubled, strengthened, homeward, fearfully, womanly, wickedly, tormented, devilish, passe, scone, foretell, unharmed, hellish, coronation, cauldron, angelic, admitting, treachery, everlasting.

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Cover of book Emil and the Detectives by Kastner Erich

It’s an exciting story for children from the German author Erich Kastner. He loved children very much and always wanted to become a teacher. But hard times for Germany at the beginning of the XX century changed his plans. He became a children’s author and had a great success. Erich Kastner understood the inner world of a child and reminded the adults, that they were the children too. That’s why his books are so popular. The writer believed in human kindness, honesty and integrity and included all these things into his works. This book is about Emil Fischer. He is a schoolboy and lives with his mother in the village. Once his mother gave him a lot of money for his grandma. She asked him to pass it to granny when he would arrive at the city. It’s Emil’s first trip and he’s nervous. He tried to hide this money in his pocket. After he had woken up, he discovered the absence of the sum. Now he has to get granny’s money back.

Total words: 11282
Unique words: 769

Words, you might not know:

washroom, postman, schoolboy, shelve, tram, doorman, lying, typing, prick, doorbell, ringing, gateway, careless, tidy, losing, wisely, railway, fin, cinema, hopeless, seventy, eighty, fingerprint, rude, grandson, noisy, carriage, sew, reported, sensible.

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Cover of book A Study in Scarlet by Conan Doyle

This book is a debut of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson. The novel marked the beginning of a new epoch in the crime genre and the world literature in general. In 1881 two gentlemen settled in the same apartment in London. One of them is a retired military surgeon named John H. Watson. We will learn this story from his memoirs. His neighbor is a private detective Sherlock Holmes who was wounded during the war. The detective makes Dr. Watson amazed by his knowledge and by his original methods of solving the crimes. Sherlock complains about the absence of the real criminals in London. It’s the reason why he can’t use his methods in practice. But suddenly he got a lucky opportunity from Scotland Yard. His friend who works there, told him about a strange murder committed in an empty house.

Film version: A Study in Scarlet

Total words: 8577
Unique words: 1074

Words, you might not know:

eagle, capturing, sally, telegraph, practise, cabdriver, august, steamship, contentedly, polygamy, approvingly, scratching, rolled, landlady, strangeness, rubbish, measuring, stammer, lying, alright, telegram, retribution, further, handcuff, thirst, stated.

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Cover of book Alexander the Great by Beddall Fiona

Alexander the Great is the greatest conqueror of all time. His father was king Philip II and his mother was Olympias, the daughter of king Neoptolemus I of Epirus. When Alexander was 13, Aristotle became his tutor. The philosopher awakened the idea of greatness, power and intellectual rigor in his pupil. Aristotle taught him how to demonstrate the force moderately and consciously. Alexander treated his teacher with admiration and respect. He often said that he owed life to his father and a decent life to Aristotle. Achilles – the hero of the Trojan War was the ideal for Alexander. Alexander had no equal rivals in all competitions. When he was a boy, he tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus, who later served him in many battles.

Film version: Alexander the Great

Total words: 14432
Unique words: 1564

Words, you might not know:

rockface, starred, queen, bactrian, hector, armour, theban, scythian, thracian, reconquer, footed, edged, jewellery, gordian, undefended, ptolemaic, phoenician, warhorse, loyally, acropolis, babylonian, sandstorm, athenian, defence, nobleman, communicating, spartan, unguarded, conquered.

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Cover of book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This book is based on Louisa May Alcott’s childhood memories, where the author pictured her family. Louisa has three sisters. Each girl has her own temper and character and the novel is all about it. So, dear readers welcome to the house of family March in XIX century. Mrs. March is sitting near the fireplace, surrounded by her daughters, and reading a letter. It is the first Christmas for them without their father. The family has courage and supports each other despite the difficulties of the wartime, a constant lack of money and diseases. The sisters are working, studying and helping their mother with the housework. They are also putting on some family performances and writing a literary newspaper. Soon they accept a new member of their friendly company. Little girls have to grow up on the books like this.

Total words: 14262
Unique words: 1022

Words, you might not know:

proving, fortnight, august, unselfish, wetness, curled, motherly, firelight, girlish, bide, goodnight, snowman, tongs, rubbish, spoonful, shyness, hairstyle, gratefully, lying, skating, hurriedly, telegram, lifeless, lovingly, scarlet, tidy.

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Cover of book Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

A boy named Nicholas Nickleby was a happy carefree kid. Unfortunately, some time later his father passed away. After the tragedy Nicholas, his mother and sister went to London to ask their rich uncle Ralph Nickleby for help. The uncle sends Nicholas to a private school in Yorkshire. Nicholas discovers that this school is a terrible place. The pupil has to bear teachers’ bullying until he meets a strange boy. His name is Smike. After many cruel punishments and endless hunger two inseparable friends decide to drop out of school. They manage to find a job in the theater. Many years pass filled with lots of exciting adventures. But later, when nothing can be changed, Nicholas finds out the awful truth about his best friend.

Film version: Nicholas Nickleby

Total words: 18024
Unique words: 1280

Words, you might not know:

sickened, nastily, moneylender, paleness, saracen, scornfully, dressmaker, schoolroom, unheated, schoolmaster, bray, mulberry, fanny, brook, jealously, scornful, rudeness, coldness, ungrateful, toothless, gentleness.

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Cover of book The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

This story is written in the third person plural. One day some people came to one happy family and took their father away. The children did not understand what had happened. Their mother could only tell them that father would be away for some time. The family had to leave their native home in London. The mother and three children Bobbie, Peter and the youngest Phyllis moved to a new house near the railway in Yorkshire. The childish attention was fully attracted by the railway station. They had many exciting adventures. The curious children even made a friend with an old man, who rode a 9:15 train every day. This man helped the family so much that Bobby decided to ask him for help. The girl found out their father was accused of spying.

Film version: The Railway Children

Total words: 8960
Unique words: 789

Words, you might not know:

pram, telegraph, downwards, rose, petticoat, ungrateful, madam, brooch, hare, junction, unpack, further, steaming, mend, welcoming, doorstep, packing, dearly, tidy, managed, cupboard, hound, fireman, granddaughter, handkerchief, railway.

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Cover of book David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

David Copperfield was born in a few months after his father’s death. When he was still a young boy his mother married a man named Murdstone. Terrible relationship was immediately set between David and his stepfather. Murdstone sends the child to a private school. The teachers were cruel and overall the conditions were disgusting. Despite of such a situation David managed to find two friends – James Steerforth and Tommy Traddles. Unfortunately at the same time David’s mother dies. Murdstone decides to get rid of the boy. He sends David to work at the factory in London. After some time David gets tired of living in awful conditions and makes a decision to run away. He comes to his grandmother. After reaching her he finally starts normal life under the protection of his relatives. Only after this step, the real adventures begin.

Film version: David Copperfield

Total words: 7250
Unique words: 1229

Words, you might not know:

derided, awaiting, submissively, pretence, cosy, obliged, mortified, caning, enquire, cornered, ingratiating, inconsolable, disobedient, laying, rotund, cookery, forgetful, coachman, soulless, schoolmaster, clinging.

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Cover of book Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

A thirty-year-old man Simon Decker was sitting in his room and trying to start writing a detective novel. He had been worked as an expert of the bombs for the army for a long time. But then he understood, that this work wasn’t his cup of tea and quitted. He got enough time for his passion – creating detective stories. Inspiration didn’t want to come to him and the writer stuck on the first paragraph. Suddenly, Simon heard a gunshot, woman’s scream and his dog barking. Our hero chased after his dog. The dog led him to the neighbor’s house. The window was broken and Simon saw a bloody body through it. The neighbor was still alive. Simon gave him first aid and called to the police. He discovered a telephone bug there. They used such bugs in the army. Who and why wanted to kill his neighbor? This man was just a simple scientist.

Total words: 5763
Unique words: 714

Words, you might not know:

pearl, dustbin, collard, earpiece, frieze, moustache, raincoat, rubbish, lying, upside, fright, twelfth, alright, handbag, rover, videotape, comer, cupboard, fridge, gunshot, headlight, bartender, niece, fingerprint, sunglasses, blonde, roommate, messy, waitress.

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