Cover of book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

It is the most published book by Charles Dickens, it has a special look on the French Revolution. It was time of soul-searching not only for French people, but also for all European. You won’t meet in this story names of famous revolutionaries and kings. Here is a history of the one family, which had been involved in a terrifying meat grinder of revolution. A high-level bank officer goes to France with a task. He has to report a daughter of his old client that her father is alive. Their family was taking a part in a court process on Charles Darnay five years ago. He had been accused in treason. At the same time, the masses seized power in France. The new life has begun, it was full of violence against people, who had infringed upon the rights of the simple people before this.

Film version: A Tale of Two Cities

Total words: 14338
Unique words: 1049

Words, you might not know:

mender, queen, seine, frenchwoman, cruncher, grindstone, friendless, lorry, onwards, august, crazily, nobleman, unselfish, cleverness, guillotine, restlessly, employed, goodnight, unopened, trembling, emigrant.

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Cover of book The Little Prince by Saint Exupery Antoine

This is a childish book created for adults. This novel is written in the easy style, but it has a deep philosophical sense. Each reader can find answers to the questions that he had been searching for. The main character of the story is the Little Prince. He arrived from a small distant planet. He had been travelling to different planets and finally he reached the Earth. Here he met the second character. This acquaintance became a key action in this book. Through the contact with the Earthling the Little Prince brings us eternal truth, so much love and sincerity. The things that nowadays are almost forgotten. The novel was translated into 180 languages and it belongs to the TOP100 greatest books of the XX century. The story also has many film adaptations and theater performances.

Total words: 13738
Unique words: 1597

Words, you might not know:

adjusting, swallowing, lamplighter, reviving, watered, tormenting, baobab, daydreaming, disheartened, plucked, trickling, bush, uncoiled, raked, grumpily, discouraged, winded, moistened, perceptively, loosened, tamed, salesclerk, sobbing, acclamation, ermine, scribbled, shipwrecked, blossoming, clapping, rheumatism, jammed.

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Cover of book The Black Cat by John Milne

The private detective Salahadin came to the hotel, where his friend stayed. The whole day Sahaladin was waiting for his friend in his office, but he did not come. The thing is that he had been murdered in his room. The police group were working in the hotel, when the detective arrived. They did not allow him to come to the corpse. There was inspector Ahmed, who was Salahadin’s friend. He gave the access to the crime scene for the detective. The body of the dead man was in the bed with the knife in his chest. The victim was an archaeologist. He had just arrived from the south of Egypt to Cairo. He had found something very important and wanted to show it to Salahadin. According to the porters’ words, they had delivered six boxes to the room. The archaeologist had carried the seventh and the heaviest one himself. This particular box was gone. Someone, who stole the box, killed the archaeologist. The detectives start an investigation.

Total words: 7313
Unique words: 717

Words, you might not know:

bush, aeroplane, acropolis, gangway, verandah, dockside, seaport, archeologist, goodnight, lying, swede, spade, telegram, funnel, smuggler, steward, robber, cupboard, arabic, midday, smuggle, railway, luckily, cooler, twisted, lebanese, cathedral.

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Cover of book Urban Myths by Phil Healey

The creators of this collection were just simple guys. They enjoyed collecting and retelling funny local tales. Later they started printing them in the “Guardian” – the famous London newspaper. The stories were quite strange and made the readers laugh. In ten years the authors chose the best tales and published a book “Urban Myths”. The book became very popular. Nowadays you can hear these stories on the radio or TV. “Urban Myths” consists of many city stories. Their plot is similar to many stories which are in almost every city on the planet. But it’s just a fiction. One can learn one and the same story in different countries. Only the characters will have absolutely various local names.

Total words: 6862
Unique words: 589

Words, you might not know:

grandad, buss, loo, motorbike, slat, thud, hind, guidebook, jack, cashier, biker, robber, cupboard, windy, frank, cinema, bill, cathedral, smoker, robbery, planned, goodbye, jam, excite, taxi, autumn, sunny.

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Cover of book A Hacker's Revenge by John Backhouse

Mr Henry Williams is an excellent bank manager and has limited computer skills. He has a good network manager Mike who organized a new computer system in his bank. Everything was going well and when Mr Williams was in Bermuda in his mind, dreaming about holiday, he heard a scream of his staff. All system had crashed. It was awful, computers didn’t want reboot. Doors were opened and closed when they wanted. Light turned off and turned on the same way. And a head of technology lost his access for system. Someone obtained full control of the bank. Virus was spread through e-mail and entire staff opened it. Mike was powerless to solve this problem and was fired immediately. The question appeared on display of a computer addressed to Mr. Henry. Someone asked him, was he ready for game?

Total words: 6227
Unique words: 871

Words, you might not know:

corrupted, surfing, installed, reboot, revealed, hourglass, abbreviation, bye, hiccup, sarcastically, invalid, madam, sender, hesitantly, cheeseburger, shelve, horrified, created, unfriendly, escalator, countdown.

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Cover of book Within High Fences by Penny Hancock

This is a love story about two people from different countries and different social classes. Nancy is eighteen years old and lives with her boyfriend Tom. She has a wealthy life. Her boyfriend minds against her work but Nancy adores expensive and beautiful things. She earns for them herself. She works as a guard in a centre for asylum seekers. There are strict rules and the guards watch over the order. That working day was usual for Nancy but the night shift changed her life. A tall dark-haired man, one of the asylum seekers, took an extra cake to feed a little boy. He received a rebuke from the guard. He and Nancy were on the different sides in that situation. But her heart and mind have belonged to him since that time. Will he answer her feelings or it will be just an illusion?

Total words: 6431
Unique words: 553

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, policewoman, bookshop, cupboard, biscuit, bill, asylum, answering, buying, noisy, passport, cafe, thirteen, goodbye, fourteen, eighteen, champagne, taxi, scar, thief, blond, supermarket, eleven, drawer, intelligent, excuse.

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Cover of book Death in the Freezer by Tim Vicary

When Ellen was six, her brother was born. Her parents was very happy to have a son, but she was upset cause all their attention now was fixed on a new baby whom called Al. Being adult, Ellen has been in a difficult position. Her husband has left her with three children and without money. But Al was very successful, he established a rock band that became a quite popular – they made records and earn a lot of money. Soon Al was rich and popular, as a result he had all that he wanted and has been spending a lot of time holding parties and taking drugs. Her brother didn’t want to share his fortune with a sister, but agreed to hire her at work as a cleaning woman. Once after returning from the tour Al looked very ill, also he had brought some new weird friends, who shared with Ellen their crazy ideas about human life.

Total words: 5704
Unique words: 613

Words, you might not know:

cryonics, unhelpful, motorbike, moonlit, whisky, unfriendly, lying, beep, syringe, spaghetti, moonlight, hamburger, fingerprint, freezer, noisy, icy, flashlight, lazy, nearest, sixty, goodbye, supper, eighteen, downstairs, murderer, grind.

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Cover of book The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer created this book in 1387. At that time the religion was the most important thing for European people. It was very popular to go on pilgrimages. It means travelling to famous Christian cities to be near to God. People said their prayers and asked for well-being or repented about something and supplicated for help. A group of people went on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, a town in England. Their aim was Canterbury Cathedral. At the beginning of their journey one member of the group suggested a game to entertain everybody. All of them had to tell one story. The best story would win a prize at the end of the journey. Everyone had something he wanted to share. The stories were very different. You’ll hear much interesting from a Knight, a Clerk, a Merchant, a Franklin and a Pardoner.

Total words: 6304
Unique words: 420

Words, you might not know:

knight, hooray, prologue, innkeeper, alright, inviting, pilgrim, greedy, pardon, goodbye, poison, excite, slim, clever, boring, merchant, servant, clerk, magic, dear, worried, hungry, chapter, blind, apple, tale, hello.

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Cover of book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

From the first pages the readers will be able to get into a world of criminal London of the XIX century. The main character Oliver Twist comes into this world in a small room of the workhouse. His mother dies after the childbirth. The poor baby is forced to drag out a miserable existence among poverty, deprivation and unfair. Oliver gets into the system of supporting poor people. However, in fact, it performs the opposite function. There are many avid officials, who are looking for the benefits only for themselves. The inhabitants of the workhouse have to work really hard. They don’t get enough nutrition, they are beaten and often die of exhaustion. It is a nightmare for a poor Englishman. Soon the child gets into a company of the bandits. They want to spoil him in their manner.

Film version: Oliver Twist

Total words: 25647
Unique words: 1884

Words, you might not know:

pursued, starred, deceiving, rook, seizing, evilly, interfering, pawnbroker, jewellery, m, paleness, murmured, tamed, believing, seized, tightened, bowing, sally, disgustingly, unkindly, friendless, enquire, workhouse, glancing, cur, contusion.

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Cover of book The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

This is first detective story about famous Hercule Poirot and his younger partner Arthur. Arthur Hastings came back from Great War. He was invited by his friend to live in a country house in Essex. The owner of that house was the friend’s stepmother. To Arthur’s surprise this seventy years old woman married to a man who was twenty years younger than her. The marriage was a few months ago. It turned out a big problem for his friend. His late father owned the house and now this husband could get the inheritance. The house was huge and a big family lived in it. All the family members hated stepmother’s husband. Arthur also disliked him. The family had many scandals and tried to warn mother that this gigolo would kill her in order to get her money…

Total words: 22787
Unique words: 1464

Words, you might not know:

remarried, ern, despatch, strychnine, unbolted, hullo, lei, bolted, notepaper, m, cheque, marvellous, shaming, possessed, favour, coot, gaslight, armband, unwillingly, inquest, mantelpiece, mace, posted, august, s, bromide, defence.

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