Cover of book Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

A young man named Jim decides to go to work at sea. He quickly rises through the ranks. Jim has a cherished dream. He wants to become a real hero. Finally he gets his a long-awaited chance. One day, during a flight an unexpected emergency occurs. The ship crashes into an underwater object. Jim leaves the ship with the crew and passengers. There are no victims. Just after this incident he learns Marlow. Jim and Marlow become close friends. Due to this friendship Jim finds a new good job. This is exactly what he needs. He manages to defeat the local gangster. This victory leads him to the status of a spiritual leader in the community Patusan. All the residents find support from his side. Jim is a symbol of justice. In the end he meets his love…

Film version: Lord Jim

Total words: 18190
Unique words: 1436

Words, you might not know:

pretence, honour, boatmen, lord, clouded, crowding, brier, delightedly, guano, traded, unspeakably, fixedly, waterside, noiselessly, motherless, pacific, encouragingly, soundless, scornfully, stockade, bay, fearfully, immovable, jealously, airless, vicar, headman.

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Cover of book The Doll by Gallico Paul

Sometimes one little thing can change the whole life. This story is about a true love. We will learn how poor and painful our life can be without love. There is a doctor in the centre of the novel. He is a real professional and good-looking man. He works and lives alone in a flat in the centre of London. It was a usual day, when he saw an incredible doll in the shop not far from his house. The doll was a hand-made thing, made with much love and accuracy. It impressed the doctor and he bought this doll for his niece. Later he got a call. One woman asked him to come and examine her ill niece. Her niece turned out to be the creator of these wonderful dolls. The doctor had recently bought one of her works. This young woman was ill. Many years ago she was injured in a car accident. Now she is alone and has no meaning of life. She needs to love and be loved by someone.

Total words: 3552
Unique words: 539

Words, you might not know:

loveliness, lying, hopelessness, careless, sweetness, cupboard, luckily, sunshine, kindness, niece, footstep, loudly, goodbye, frighten, unnecessary, silently, shiny, honestly, crowded, aunt, lane, cart, silly, suffering, happiness.

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Cover of book Death on Harris by R. E. Syme

Angus Flemming came back home because his mother asked him. He hardly ever visited her, though she had never complained. His elder brother and sister often visit their mother. That’s why Angus felt guilty. Angus is the youngest child in his family. He used to get away with anything. He lives in Edinburgh now. Angus is a writer who is famous for his crime stories. His girlfriend Susi and best friend Ross are both police officers. They overcame some criminal adventure that changed Angus a lot. (You can read about it in “Death in Edinburg”). There, in Tarbet on Harris, the writer remembered his childhood, the school years and his friends. The town hadn’t changed at all. But his friends left it looking for better life. Everybody, except Stuart – his schoolmate. Stuart’s father died the day before Angus arrived. The writer decided to support his friend in such hard times.

Total words: 8158
Unique words: 1314

Words, you might not know:

eagle, pacing, manoeuvre, dishevelled, cosy, sombre, brightening, scowling, gorse, bush, laddie, jilted, blackface, silhouetted, streaked, forcing, ach, glinting, slumping, squashed, spitting, soaking, toddy, thumping, rucksack.

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Cover of book Death in Edinburgh by R. E. Syme

Angus returned from England to Edinburgh. He was very happy. The fact is that nine months ago, he published a book and it brought him unprecedented success. His life turned upside down. He had 15 years of uncertainty before the publication. Now Angus is a very popular person. Twenty publishers are fighting for the right to work with him. They want him to start writing a new crime story. But the writer wants to have a short break at home. A new crime happened in Edinburgh and Angus was one of the first people to learn about it. Many police officers were his friends. Angus was even in love with a woman, who was from this area. After visiting the crime place, the writer understood that he had already started a new book. He has to investigate this case on his own and find the murderer.

Total words: 6346
Unique words: 1261

Words, you might not know:

pacing, wagging, exhibiting, dodging, contemplated, popped, tugging, intruding, colliding, brainwave, artefact, tactless, shamefaced, schadenfreude, lapping, rounding, cliched, surfing, clustered, jawbone, poised, scumbag.

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Cover of book At the World's End by Irene Trimble

This is the final part of the trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean. “Do you agree to go to the end of the world and farther to bring back the handsome Jack and his Pearl?” Bravely hurling himself with a sword at the villain, Captain Jack Sparrow disappeared along with his ship in the jaws of the monster. But it is naive to believe that the brave pirate Jack will disappear forever. After leaving the real world he found himself in a surreal reality. You will meet Will Turner again, who used to be a humble blacksmith and now he is a pirate. His beloved Elizabeth Swann made a mean act and it made Jack fell into the “eternal nowhere”. What can we expect from Elizabeth after that? The answer to this question is located “At World’s End.” In this part, the characters will face a common enemy. They will forget all their disagreements to defeat him.

Film version: At the World’s End

Total words: 12711
Unique words: 821

Words, you might not know:

kraken, pearl, endeavour, lord, corsair, tightened, waterside, ford, bootstrap, calypso, dutchman, cannonball, placing, bathhouse, shipwreck, nothingness, lying, sparrow, bravely, mouthful, tabletop, upside, lifeless, jack.

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Cover of book Great Mysteries of Our World by Clemen D. B. Gina

People live and die. A day changes a night. This is the law of life. We have a brain and use logic for understanding life and further development. That is why we live in the age of the progress. Science can explain everything or almost everything. But still there are some unsolved things, which happened in different parts of Earth and at various times. This book consists of eight parts. Each part describes unexplainable things from real life. Real people ran across something mysterious and supernatural. Some of these stories have a tragic end, but humanity can’t find a logical explanation. You’ll read about the theories and different points of view of the great scientists. Maybe you will be able to find your own answers.

Total words: 7572
Unique words: 1415

Words, you might not know:

scrying, sceptic, jeweller, interpreted, queen, harbour, interpreting, bluestone, peccary, geophysics, lord, banished, hippopotamus, quatrain, unrefined, yeti, radiocarbon, executed, provencal, tarot, lorry, practise, mace, zoologist, astrologer, pygmy, abominable, carat.

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Cover of book A Dream Come True by Andrea M. Hutchinson

When you reach sixteen in the UK you can leave school. But you can continue your education for two more years and pass advanced level exams (“A level”). Young people have to choose subjects to study. They have a choice: to study for a future career or just for fun. Usually many teenagers try to find a job to earn some money on holiday and at the weekends. Ellie has an ordinary teenager’s life. She is seventeen and works at her father’s shop. She tries to pass the exams at school. Ellie has something special apart from her contemporaries. She loves music and dreams to be a singer. Her favorite singer Murphy will come to Glastonbury with a music program. Ellie won’t be able to go to the concert because of her study and work. Ellie was in despair and was going to give up. However, the music shop announced a competition…

Total words: 6395
Unique words: 862

Words, you might not know:

maths, believing, phew, barbeque, rucksack, august, passe, postman, storeroom, shelve, crossword, jingle, cheers, lying, approaching, stepmother, duet, lunchtime, housekeeper, backstage, yawn, ringing, fridge, curly, interruption.

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Cover of book Murder at Coyote Canyon by Clemen D. B. Gina

One family moved from Florida to California. They were going to live in a small town Portola Point. This town is named after the Spanish explorer. In the 18th century, he supplanted the native inhabitants Chumash from the territories. Now the Chumash live in the reservation near Portola Point. The family had been living in the town for 3 months. Everything was fine. The children’s friend from Florida came to them for the summer holidays. One day the children were playing in the yard. Suddenly they felt land shaking. It was an earthquake. The earthquakes had been happening for the last months. Everybody was worried. The next day on the 4th of July, during the parade, a shaman of Chumash came to the citizens. He told them that they had to stop the building on the ancient cemetery in Coyote Canyon. Otherwise, they would regret very much. The disasters were coming…

Total words: 8734
Unique words: 1003

Words, you might not know:

scrying, queen, majorette, bareback, bucking, acme, surfing, hurrah, pacific, barbeque, anagram, bay, transferred, bookshop, bridle, moccasin, bye, aftershock, nick, stallion, headdress, printout, swimsuit, personalized, marching, gallop, mysteriously, doorbell.

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Cover of book The Bird of Happiness and Other Wise Tales by Herdon Tim

This book contains eight kind and wise parables. You will find a deep meaning in simple words. These tales were created in different parts of the world: Russia, America, Burma, China, Egypt, Mexico, Guinea and India. The first story tells us about a woodcutter and his ill son. The boy asks his father to bring him a bird. It is his last desire. The next tale is about a baker, who wants to get payment even for the smell of his perfect baked goods. You will also learn about a young man who dreams to become an alchemist and make gold from dust. A Chinese old man will teach you wisdom. He always says “Good luck, or bad luck who knows”. It is true, as we never know how the things will turn out even if everything seems good. Another tale is about a man. He desires to become very rich and makes a business plan.

Total words: 8347
Unique words: 676

Words, you might not know:

clinking, woodcutter, taming, bridegroom, galloping, alchemist, lather, clink, hurtful, lying, shopkeeper, waking, tame, kindly, baker, quarry, disappoint, tortilla, planting, trousers, camel, fastest, sew, lazy.

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Cover of book The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton

Once there was a strong and clever king in one country. He was unhappy because the citizens of his country were wrongdoers. The king thought for a long a time how he could change his folk for the better. One day good idea crossed his mind. He built a big and nice stadium. It contained five thousand people. They thought it had been created for having a good time. They were wrong. There were two blue doors in the stadium. Behind one door there was a tiger. Behind the other one there was a beautiful lady. Since that time someone, who did something wrong, would have to go the stadium. There he would make a choice and open one door. He would either be eaten or get married to the lady. People were scared. The wrongdoers had to be very careful. Can people change?

Total words: 1631
Unique words: 292

Words, you might not know:

firstly, moustache, secondly, excite, clever, stadium, park, hungry, dirty, lover, sad, lucky, bread, closely, tired, opening, cheap, tooth, cat, brown, angry, dance, carefully, danger, shut, tall, lady, flower.

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