Cover of book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

The man with rough appearance has come into the town of Digne. It was in October 1815. He has just stand in the inn, but suddenly innkeeper has gone him out because the past of the man. Innkeeper has known that the name of this stranger is Jean Valjean and he has just been released from the prison. He’s been in prison for nineteen years for violent robbery and for trying to escape. In the other inns were the same. The news about prisoner quickly shared between townspeople and nobody gave him the bad. Nobody, except one man. It was a bishop. The priest gave Valjean a shelter for the night and fed him. At night, after some sleep, prisoner decided to robber that house, because the life had been unfair to him and he was very angry. This desperate decision will change his life… forever.

Film version: Les Miserables (2012)

Total words: 30879
Unique words: 2044

Words, you might not know:

purse, stable, desperate, chased, shelter, rag, bishop, violent, obedient, shivered, grief, skilfully, tilled, fetch, outskirts, slammed, solitude, sous, roared, withdraw, solid.

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Cover of book The Mummy by David Levithan

Dramatic events of this story took its beginning three thousand years ago in the city of Thebes. All this happened when a pharaoh Sati was murdered. His woman betrayed him with his High Priest of the Dead named Imhotep. When pharaoh cough the lovers, Anck-su-namun was afraid that he could kill them both. So she decided to kill him first. She knifed him with Imhotep’s help. When they heard Sati’s guards were coming, Anck-su-namun pushed the knife into her own stomach and said to Imhotep to bring her back to life later. She knew that he could to do it. Woman was dying with thought that her man would do everything to see her again. Who knows how much strong he tried to revive her but it wasn’t enough…

Film version: The Mummy (1999)

Total words: 6976
Unique words: 407

Words, you might not know:

brain, candle, coffin, curator, desert, dig, god, gold, heart, priest, mummy, scarab, sword, temple.

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Cover of book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

This story begins when not very famous artist Basil draw a picture of young and very handsome man Dorian Grey. Artist said to his friend Lord Henry that he took very much himself in that picture. Lord Henry was very excited by Dorian’s handsomeness, and he decided to teach young man how he should live and what he can use his youth. At the first they meeting, when Basil was painting picture from sitting Grey, Henry was telling to Dorian that the youth and beauty is the most important things in the world, but they will be disappeared with years. So when Basil has finished the picture and Dorian has seen his beautiful portrait, he was excited by himself beauty and was frightened because he will lost it in future…

Film version: The Picture of Dorian Gray (2010)

Total words: 16243
Unique words: 1046

Words, you might not know:

absurd, boyhood, charming, cheek, corrupt, delighted, exhibit, extraordinary, failrue, fascinating, flattery, fortnight, frown, influence, passion, relation, remain, rumor, scandal, shame, soul, susptect, swallow, tragedy, violin, worship, worth, yawn.

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Cover of book The Partner by John Grisham

Danilo lives a happy life in a little town Pont Pora in Brazil. Although he have only a small house and an old little car, he is very rich. Now he is living alone but he has a woman who he loves. No matter that at present time there is a big distance between them. Eventually, they will be together. Danilo has changed a lot during last years. He is thinner now that his used to be. He runs his 10-kilometer course every day, eats proper food and generally has a good health. Danilo definitely should be very happy but he is not. He worried all the time because he know – one day he will face consequences of his past. Consequences, that changed his life, his appearance, place of leaving and forced him to hide and fear every day that THEY will find him. Therefore, this day has come.

Total words: 25148
Unique words: 1549

Words, you might not know:

account, agent, allegation, arrest, attorney, bug, cabin, case, charge, client, defendant, divorce, drop, evidence, fax, file, hearing, indict, investigate, lawsuit, needle, plea, release, senator, settlement, sue, tortue, wire.

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Cover of book Bleak House by Charles Dickens

An orphan Esther Sammerston grew up in Windsor, in the house of her godmother, Miss Barbery. Esther wanted to learn the mystery of her birth, but Barbery replied her only “ your mother is your shame, and you’re her one. After her godmothers death, there was a certain Mr. Kenge, who acted on behalf of Mr. Jarndyce, who was aware of the sad state of the young lady and offered to put it in a first-class educational institution, where she would have everything and prepare for the fulfillment of duty on the public arena. After she graduated, John Jarndyce took her to his estate, known as a Bleak House. Esther were handed the keys to the rooms and pantries. She had perfectly coped with the difficult economic troubles. Here she had met her first real friends – Ada and Richard

Total words: 28943
Unique words: 1594

Words, you might not know:

bleak, destructive, justice, suitor, will, heir, ward, disgrace, tenant, guardian, growl, veil, debt, loan, custody, fringe.

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Cover of book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

An old, cruel and mean Ebenez Scrooge hates joy and festivities. Maybe he would never change but once on Christmas Eve he had an unusual dream. During the night three ghosts visit Ebenez at his dreams. The first one is a Ghost of Past Christmas that shows to old man his past, places where he was born and lived. Also Ebenez sees his parting with bride that was only his own fault. Ghost of present Christmas shows hard life of his clerk Bob Cratchit who lives in poverty cause of low salary that Scrooge gives to him. Also second ghost shows how Scrooge’s nephew Fred celebrates the Christmas. Although uncle was very rude to him, Fred and his family cheers for Scrooge health. The last ghost, the ghost of coming Christmas shows the most evil things…

Film version: A Christmas Carol (2009)

Total words: 8264
Unique words: 726

Words, you might not know:

humiliation, electoral, animated, mean, miser, clerk, nephew, festive, workhouse, foggier, carol, knocker, echoed, transparent, chin, digest, consequence, tremendous, phantom, charity, skulls, sentence, fetch, ivy, torch, suburbs, cripple, crutch, gravy, chestnuts, ugly, hood, miserable, rubbish, quater, selfish, glorious, cab.

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Cover of book The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton

Jack is very popular in Halloweentown, because he is the most terrible skeleton in the entire city. Each Halloween Jack becomes the protagonist of all the festivities, which the whole city is looking forward to all the year. As soon as one Halloween ends so all the inhabitants begin to make plans for the next one – it’s such the city. But once Jack became tired of shaking bones and scaring the rest of evil spirits in the city. After the next Halloween ended he was going out from the town. He felt himself completely ruined and sad. He had come to his senses after a couple of hours, and noticed that he was in an unusual forest. There were huge trees around him. In each tree there was a door. Each door had a picture, on the first one was an Easter egg, on another – a turkey, but Jack was most interested in the door with a Christmas tree…

Film version: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Total words: 8183
Unique words: 525

Words, you might not know:

vampire, blood, witch, skeleton, scary, mayor, sleigh, petal, reindeer, trick or traet, maggot, nightmare, fog.

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Cover of book Home for Christmas by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Harminda really wants to get home at Christmas. She has not been at home for four years and the separation from her family was due to a big row. But now her father is dying and she wants to see him and try to make peace. But fate is doing everything possible that would not have time to Harminda to get home at Christmas time. It all begins with traffic jams in the airport, then it turns out that her flight is canceled and all tickets are purchased coming from the hustle and bustle of Christmas – everybody flies home. She wasted no time, so she went to the car rental and discovered that there was only one car that could not be divided by the two other girls. Harminda offered the girls to go on a journey together, at the same time save on the rent. The girls agreed and they immediately hit the road, but the one they didn’t know was that this car was reserved for the special customers…

Total words: 5096
Unique words: 715

Words, you might not know:

argument, sympathetically, audiotion, arrogantly, reluctantly, sarcastically, traffic jam, eventually, honeymoon, cheeks, npd, daw, preganant, horn, grab, siren, nigthmare, fake, whispered.

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Cover of book North and South by Elizabeth GaskellEdith and Margaret were cousins. They spent a lot of time together and love each other. Edith was going to get marry and live with her husband, so Margaret has to go home and left the aunt’s house where she was on holidays. She was a daughter of a vicar and they lived in a vicarage. That place was like a village in a poem, very lovely and beauty. The family was poor. They did not have any horses and had to walk a lot. When Margaret came to Helstone, she noticed that her parents have changed. Her mother seemed deeply discontented and father was sad, there was an anxiety on his face. Margaret was unprepared for this discontent. Every evening, after tea, the vicar disappeared in his library. He told that he studied a lot. But ones he called to his daughter in that room and opened to her a secret, which could break her heart…

Film version: North and South (2005)

Total words: 33234
Unique words: 1884

Words, you might not know:

absorbed, alibi, blush, clergyman, contempt, despair, despise, disdain, distressed, exclaim, gaze, gloom, haughty, inherit, mutiny, riot, strike, sympathy.

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Cover of book Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Tom Joad came back home at the farm after he had been imprisoned for the accidental killing. He got out of a prison on parole and had no right to leave the state. He had been waited for a large Joad family at home: grandparents, father and mother, three brothers and two sisters. Tom found folks preparing to leave for California with the hope of finding a job and a house, because the farmers were driven out from their land. All the family members were happy to meet Tom. The next day, the whole family and a preacher went on journey. As they reached a main highway, they met many folks, who are moving to the West too. The closer to California, the more people came across on the road, which were running to the opposite direction. They told terrible things…

Film version: Grapes of Wrath (2004)

Total words: 24834
Unique words: 1372

Words, you might not know:

ain’t, appendix, barn, boxcar, committe, cop, coroner, diner, fellow, fist, folks, handbill, headlight, horizon, migrant, parole, pauper, peach, porch, preacher, ragged, revend, rust, tenant, tractor, trespass, unit, wage, windhield, wrath.

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