Cover of book Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

A thirty-year-old man Simon Decker was sitting in his room and trying to start writing a detective novel. He had been worked as an expert of the bombs for the army for a long time. But then he understood, that this work wasn’t his cup of tea and quitted. He got enough time for his passion – creating detective stories. Inspiration didn’t want to come to him and the writer stuck on the first paragraph. Suddenly, Simon heard a gunshot, woman’s scream and his dog barking. Our hero chased after his dog. The dog led him to the neighbor’s house. The window was broken and Simon saw a bloody body through it. The neighbor was still alive. Simon gave him first aid and called to the police. He discovered a telephone bug there. They used such bugs in the army. Who and why wanted to kill his neighbor? This man was just a simple scientist.

Total words: 5763
Unique words: 714

Words, you might not know:

pearl, dustbin, collard, earpiece, frieze, moustache, raincoat, rubbish, lying, upside, fright, twelfth, alright, handbag, rover, videotape, comer, cupboard, fridge, gunshot, headlight, bartender, niece, fingerprint, sunglasses, blonde, roommate, messy, waitress.

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Cover of book The Lost Treasure of Bodega Bay by Clemen D. B. Gina

It’s so great when our parents travel due to their work and take you to the unusual places. There are many interesting and useful things you can discover. Last time, for instance, the captain of a Spanish pirate ship wanted to turn the children’s parents into his slaves. Only fortune helped them to escape this fate. The children were even able to steal a treasure map from the pirates-ghosts. And now the adventures are waiting for them on summer holidays. The parents take the children to Bodega Bay – a small town with the marine reserve. It is located on the northern coast of San Francisco. Except the rare species of animals, this place is also famous of its history. Long time ago it was a pirates’ secret place. With the map the children will be able to find the hidden treasures. However, the map is too difficult to read and they have only one week to explore the coast.

Total words: 5667
Unique words: 724

Words, you might not know:

pearl, bodega, pacific, bay, bookshop, archeological, seashore, pelican, moor, shipwreck, lifeboat, eyesight, tombstone, spade, foggy, lighthouse, alright, californian, bookshelf, aquarium, thirsty, windy, frank, spelling, pier.

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Cover of book Batman Begins by Goyer David

It’s a fantastic story of the most popular superhero Batman. Bruce Wayne was born in a rich and famous family in Gotham City in the USA. He hated the bats after he had fallen into the well where they attacked him. When he was a little boy, his parents were killed by the robber in front of him. A big suffering and a mental trauma were added to his phobia. Everything left a great scar on his soul. He blamed himself in his parents’ death. He had been travelling the world looking for the answers. Desire for revenge and justice tormented him. Fate led him to Ducard from the League of Shadows. Ducard taught him the martial arts and helped to overcome his phobia of bats. Bruce Wayne came back to Gotham with the aim to restore order in his hometown. Now he knows how to use his fears in his favour.

Film version: Batman Begins

Total words: 6863
Unique words: 662

Words, you might not know:

worktable, workroom, lying, antidote, cupboard, railway, luckily, asylum, blonde, sergeant, icy, lazy, goodbye, frighten, jam, waiter, excite, bang, clever, fantastic, mobile, chill, builder, mentally, steam, sword.

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Cover of book The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Dumas is a French classic writer and master of the adventure novel. The young Gascon D’Artagnan is full of bold plans to conquer Paris. He arrives on a horse at the capital. He wants to become a musketeer like his father. He gets into a trouble from the first steps on the way to his dream. It will change his life forever. D’Artagnan is nimble and agile, cheerful and noble. He attracts not only a lot of friends, but also many enemies. These foes want to see such a brave and faithful man on their side. Three Musketeers and D’Artagnan are devoted to their king and queen Their life is full of conspiracies and intrigues, fights and feats. They always act together and their motto is “One for all and all for one”. This motto leads them to the victory

Film version: The Three Musketeers

Total words: 29384
Unique words: 1869

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, surrendered, dovecote, barricaded, pretence, summerhouse, harbour, healed, assassinated, sawing, bush, deported, milady, lord, outlawed, abducted, intercepted, stealer, wronged, banished, plotting, trimmed, dueling, councillor, calve, musketeer, kitty, recalled.

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Cover of book Nelson's Dream by J. M. Newsome

A young man Nelson Mbizi returns home to South Africa after a long sturdy in the UK. After the arrival, he decides to get a job in a hotel. His father owns this hotel. Nelson wants to change the situation in their country. He learns about a woman who died and left her children alone. Nelson wants to help them and accidentally meets a TV presenter Vicky. He manages to give publicity to this story with her help. What chances does one guy have against the corrupted government, against social inequality, weapon and drug traffic, the AIDS epidemic? The one Nelson Mbizi comes into the fight alone against inhumanity in his own country. Will this young man be able to find allies in the fight against the government? Who could risk but him? It is you who will know whether there is justice in our society.

Total words: 27885
Unique words: 1873

Words, you might not know:

greyness, bugging, retroviral, gesturing, parentless, ruby, nightclothes, sickened, bush, colourful, jacaranda, ridiculed, flowerbed, chewed, gatehouse, phew, unlearn, favour, graveside, cheerfulness, laying, hotelier, hammering, primrose, impolite, practise.

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Cover of book The Everest Story by Tim Vicary

In this book, you will learn about one of the first accents of Mount Everest. Those heroic men had a very bad equipment – only knitted jackets, forged boots and some ice axes. It was only the beginning of the twentieth century. In spite of such unfavorable conditions, they did something no one had ever done before. Nowadays it is quite difficult to imagine how it was possible to get such an achievement one century ago. And how they did their last step into the obscurity. Not many people dare attempt to climb Mount Everest even with the modern equipment. Only few daredevils manage to reach the top. It remains a mystery how these heroes really conquered Everest first. But in this book, you will find much compelling evidence.

Total words: 9773
Unique words: 838

Words, you might not know:

icefall, colourful, sloped, crampon, rucksack, august, frostbite, crevasse, cornice, whit, collapsed, starlight, steeply, crucifix, lying, cooker, melted, tibetan, tripod, stormy, stony, axe, further, goggle, upwards, austrian, beaten.

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Cover of book Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

A young man named Jim decides to go to work at sea. He quickly rises through the ranks. Jim has a cherished dream. He wants to become a real hero. Finally he gets his a long-awaited chance. One day, during a flight an unexpected emergency occurs. The ship crashes into an underwater object. Jim leaves the ship with the crew and passengers. There are no victims. Just after this incident he learns Marlow. Jim and Marlow become close friends. Due to this friendship Jim finds a new good job. This is exactly what he needs. He manages to defeat the local gangster. This victory leads him to the status of a spiritual leader in the community Patusan. All the residents find support from his side. Jim is a symbol of justice. In the end he meets his love…

Film version: Lord Jim

Total words: 18190
Unique words: 1436

Words, you might not know:

pretence, honour, boatmen, lord, clouded, crowding, brier, delightedly, guano, traded, unspeakably, fixedly, waterside, noiselessly, motherless, pacific, encouragingly, soundless, scornfully, stockade, bay, fearfully, immovable, jealously, airless, vicar, headman.

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Cover of book The Doll by Gallico Paul

Sometimes one little thing can change the whole life. This story is about a true love. We will learn how poor and painful our life can be without love. There is a doctor in the centre of the novel. He is a real professional and good-looking man. He works and lives alone in a flat in the centre of London. It was a usual day, when he saw an incredible doll in the shop not far from his house. The doll was a hand-made thing, made with much love and accuracy. It impressed the doctor and he bought this doll for his niece. Later he got a call. One woman asked him to come and examine her ill niece. Her niece turned out to be the creator of these wonderful dolls. The doctor had recently bought one of her works. This young woman was ill. Many years ago she was injured in a car accident. Now she is alone and has no meaning of life. She needs to love and be loved by someone.

Total words: 3552
Unique words: 539

Words, you might not know:

loveliness, lying, hopelessness, careless, sweetness, cupboard, luckily, sunshine, kindness, niece, footstep, loudly, goodbye, frighten, unnecessary, silently, shiny, honestly, crowded, aunt, lane, cart, silly, suffering, happiness.

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Cover of book Death on Harris by R. E. Syme

Angus Flemming came back home because his mother asked him. He hardly ever visited her, though she had never complained. His elder brother and sister often visit their mother. That’s why Angus felt guilty. Angus is the youngest child in his family. He used to get away with anything. He lives in Edinburgh now. Angus is a writer who is famous for his crime stories. His girlfriend Susi and best friend Ross are both police officers. They overcame some criminal adventure that changed Angus a lot. (You can read about it in “Death in Edinburg”). There, in Tarbet on Harris, the writer remembered his childhood, the school years and his friends. The town hadn’t changed at all. But his friends left it looking for better life. Everybody, except Stuart – his schoolmate. Stuart’s father died the day before Angus arrived. The writer decided to support his friend in such hard times.

Total words: 8158
Unique words: 1314

Words, you might not know:

eagle, pacing, manoeuvre, dishevelled, cosy, sombre, brightening, scowling, gorse, bush, laddie, jilted, blackface, silhouetted, streaked, forcing, ach, glinting, slumping, squashed, spitting, soaking, toddy, thumping, rucksack.

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Cover of book Death in Edinburgh by R. E. Syme

Angus returned from England to Edinburgh. He was very happy. The fact is that nine months ago, he published a book and it brought him unprecedented success. His life turned upside down. He had 15 years of uncertainty before the publication. Now Angus is a very popular person. Twenty publishers are fighting for the right to work with him. They want him to start writing a new crime story. But the writer wants to have a short break at home. A new crime happened in Edinburgh and Angus was one of the first people to learn about it. Many police officers were his friends. Angus was even in love with a woman, who was from this area. After visiting the crime place, the writer understood that he had already started a new book. He has to investigate this case on his own and find the murderer.

Total words: 6346
Unique words: 1261

Words, you might not know:

pacing, wagging, exhibiting, dodging, contemplated, popped, tugging, intruding, colliding, brainwave, artefact, tactless, shamefaced, schadenfreude, lapping, rounding, cliched, surfing, clustered, jawbone, poised, scumbag.

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