Cover of book Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

A father and mother wolves were relaxing with their cubs. There were a tiger and a jackal hunting nearby. The jackal followed the tiger everywhere. The tiger Shere Khan hunted people. People got angry and the tiger came to the jungle. Hunting people was against the law, because people came back with their weapons. The flock was going to make a decision about Shere Khan’s fate, when they suddenly heard baby crying. It was a human baby. Shere Khan wanted to eat it, but the wolves stood up for the infant. Finally they decided to name the baby Mowgli and to leave with them.

Film version: Jungle Book

Total words: 6395
Unique words: 592

Words, you might not know:

hissing, hungrily, jackal, hunted, python, cleverly, lying, uphill, ravine, eldest, kite, midday, hiss, sleepy, splash, noisy, villager, bored, hop, goodbye, rocky, frighten, grind, frog, excite, roar, herd, silently, thief.

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Cover of book Forget to Remember by Alan Maley

Despite Jan and Kate were sisters, they had never been too close to each other. From childhood their father has been given all the love and attention to Kate. And, as a result Kate has got a proper education at Oxford which helped her to escape Lewisham for Marlow where she became a successful lawyer. Kate also had a happy marriage with an investor who gave her two beautiful kids. They lived peacefully in a big, fashionable house with a servant. Meanwhile, Jan had to go work at once after school so she had little education and no skills. Her marriage was a disaster which has left her with an uncontrollable daughter. One of the worst things was that she stuck in Lewisham. When Jan and Kates’ father died, his wife started to lose her memory. Gradually she became so helpless that could not be left alone for a minute. Therefore, Jan, as the only daughter who lived near enough to her mother, had soon become responsible for her. But Jan had to work and has constantly stood the crazy things that her mother had done. Jan tried to get help from sister, but it seemed that Kate was too busy and too selfish to share the responsibility of caring for their mother.

Total words: 23247
Unique words: 1809

Words, you might not know:

unhelpfully, mumbling, queen, dumped, dribbling, teabag, signorina, seafront, eightieth, grandad, littered, physiotherapy, lei, cremated, jewellery, uneventfully, giggling, cheque, lord, emptied, motorway, signora, circling, crematorium, nightdress, flapping, settling, snoring, attracted.

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Cover of book The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

It is a quite unusual detective story where each character has a motive to commit a crime. The scene is laid in a fictional English village. The novel is narrated in the third person. Dr James Sheppard becomes an assistant of Hercule Poirot. This is he, who tells the story to the reader. Mrs Ferrars, a rich widow, died. The reason was the drugs overdose. The peasants believe it was a suicide. They say Mrs Ferrars killed her husband by poisoning many years ago. But then another widower died. He wanted to marry Mrs Ferrars. People started suspecting his sister-in-law because she had many debts. Her daughter Flora, major Blunt and many relatives of the late bridegroom are suspected. The bride of the prime suspect asks Poirot to investigate this difficult case and find the killer.

Film version: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Total words: 22456
Unique words: 1835

Words, you might not know:

pearl, rearranging, hector, dictaphone, intruding, summerhouse, blackmailer, inquiringly, massaging, bush, disinherit, murmured, honour, drily, cheque, extracted, apologia, cooper, housemaid, questioningly, banknote, glancing, murmuring.

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Cover of book The Night of the Green Dragon by Dorothy Dixon

Howard woke up from a terrible nightmare. In reality, he got into a bigger one. He was at the hospital with a broken head. The policemen called him Mr. Black. But Howard knew definitely that it wasn’t his name. Unfortunately, he could not remember his right name. He lost his memory due to the injury. The police did not believe him. They started questioning him immediately. Howard was accused of illegal penetration into the house, murder of an old woman and stealing a green dragon. The man remembered nothing except the red eyes of the mysterious dragon and blood. He clearly understood that he was not a criminal. He was a victim. Howard runs away from the hospital at night. He has to regain his memory and prove that he is not guilty.

Total words: 5263
Unique words: 645

Words, you might not know:

drainpipe, primrose, teacup, lying, unlucky, suspiciously, rushing, weakly, stretcher, sinking, ringing, finishing, blackness, cyclist, terrified, moonlight, violently, ache, cellar, pub, groan, nervously, packet, jewel, daylight, balcony, loudly, unconscious.

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Cover of book Eye of the Storm by Mandy Loader

It was a hot day in September. People from the whole city came to the beach. A young twenty years old beautiful Japanese girl Ikemi was lying at the Miami beach. She seemed to be reading a book but it wasn’t true. Judging from her eyes she was sad. She was thinking about him. She was whispering to herself something she couldn’t tell him. A young good-looking guy came and started kissing her. She liked it but still she stopped him. Ikemi loved Max very much. Unfortunately, her father hated Ikemi’s beloved. Max wasn’t Japanese and he hadn’t a Japanese character. Father made Ikemi leave Max. A good Japanese daughter obeyed him. She broke up with the guy at this beach making them both miserable. At the same time a storm began on the western coast of Africa.

Total words: 13536
Unique words: 997

Words, you might not know:

pumped, mayday, seaplane, prettily, max, lilt, tying, coldness, mil, shapeless, valuables, stupidly, cloudless, jetty, vacationer, sunburn, shh, noisily, waving, lying, bravely, hopelessness, forecaster, carnival, stormy, sinking, sushi.

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Cover of book The Phantom Airman by Allan Flewin Jones

The members of the school archaeology club received a summer task. The children have to do a summer task about their town during the Second World War. The summer holidays are approaching to the end but some pupils haven’t even started the project. Four friends cooperated together with a common aim – to do the task quickly. There was an airfield in their town. It was a very important place during the war. Now it has a historical value. So, the pupils gathered there for the research. They had been taking photos among the ruins when a terrible storm began. It was raining, the lightning was flashing and there was thunder. Suddenly a fire aircraft dropped out from the dark clouds and crashed onto the house. The house was in fire. A stranger appeared from nowhere. He was dressed as a military pilot. The man desperately shouted for help as there were children crying in the house.

Total words: 10885
Unique words: 939

Words, you might not know:

spitfire, archeology, unfasten, wrecking, bimbo, august, wickedness, hoy, evacuee, wrecked, cola, digger, moustache, phantom, airman, roaring, fading, auxiliary, stored, unlucky, bathrobe, spade, thud, airfield, bookcase, doorbell, jack.

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Cover of book They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie

Lady Agatha Christie knows East very well. She worked as an archaeologist when she and her husband were in Baghdad. This experience she used to write this book. The novel belongs to the spy fiction genre, which also contains politics, criminal and a love story. The main character is Victoria Jones. She lives in London and works as a typist in the office. She isn’t very successful at her work. Victoria lost the job. She is a very good actress with a rich fantasy and perfect transformation skills. Her imagination and an unexpected affair led her to Iraq, where many adventures are waiting for her. Some events are to happen in Baghdad. They will change the course of the history. The future of the whole world will be in the hands of the young girl.

Total words: 24750
Unique words: 2171

Words, you might not know:

fakir, queen, pah, hairdressing, bounced, lei, frenchwoman, processional, disbelieving, notepaper, jewellery, m, lettered, directing, plateful, lord, believing, marvellous, unkindly, aeroplane, bedcover, souk, waterside, forcing, chit, gramophone, chloroform, assyrian, pacific.

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Cover of book The Enemy by Desmond Bagley

Malcolm Jaggard is a spy catcher, and a servant of the politicians. He’s hard, tough, and intelligent – and he wants to marry Penny Ashton, a scientist, and the daughter of the scientist George Ashton. Then the Ashtons’ comfortable world is suddenly shattered, and Malcolm is ordered by his politician bosses to protect Ashton. But who is George Ashton? And how do you protect a man who has just disappeared?
Malcolm needs more knowledge, and he can’t get it. So he fights for it. But knowledge is a power, and servants must not have any power. His searching for Ashton has turned into a desperate and violent manhunt, Malcolm has found knowledge. But he also has found himself in the long-running war between scientists and politicians – a war where ‘We have met the enemies, and they have met us.’

Total words: 24027
Unique words: 1698

Words, you might not know:

interfering, thoughtlessly, murmured, cheque, lord, icily, licence, murmuring, unfeeling, scots, ford, cursed, laggard, max, lordship, isolating, godless, s, slough, supposing, bookshop, fashioned, seaport, thrower, hunted, searcher, goodnight, auctioneer.

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Cover of book Catwoman by Jones Jasmin

A young woman named Patience works for a big company specializing on cosmetology of high quality. Patience is a designer but she dreams to be an artist. Her boss is a very important man, who works together with his wife, a beautiful blond. Her posters hang on the walls in their office. It is an important day for them. They introduce a new soap for their chief. This soap works miracles with the old skin. It smoothes the wrinkles just after its usage. The soap created a breakthrough in the beauty industry and it demands a special design. Patience couldn’t do this work properly according to the boss. He gives her a second chance to fix it until the midnight. The day was unlucky for her. A loud party prevented her from sleeping the whole night. Then a squalling cat bothered her. In the morning she will have to save this cat, risking her own life.

Film version: Catwoman

Total words: 9410
Unique words: 861

Words, you might not know:

bast, jeweller, advert, jewellery, m, sally, designed, madwoman, barman, downwards, kitty, motorbike, purr, reborn, coolly, lying, urn, sill, handbag, centimeter, ringing, thump, managed, cupboard, handwriting, dangerously, rooftop, vodka, nightclub.

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Cover of book The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

For a long time a ghost has been living in the Canterville castle. He has killed many generations who lived there. Eventually the house has been sold to others. Soon after a new family has arrived to live at the castle and sat down to dinner, they saw a red stain on the floor. Later they learned that a blood stain belongs to a killed wife of the ghost. Father cleaned the spot, but the next day it had appeared again. Every night the ghost was wandering through corridors bothering the family. The next night, when the ghost began to walk again, the father suggested him lubricate the chain by oil. The ghost became very angry and decided to take a revenge.

Film version: The Canterville Ghost

Total words: 4167
Unique words: 622

Words, you might not know:

anarchism, cheque, lord, tine, painlessly, telepathy, unpleasantly, churchman, unfashionable, shilling, duchess, remover, fashioned, hoy, restful, toxicology, headless, leaning, repaint, unkind, teacup, anarchist, painless, fiancee, boo, antarctic, hind.

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