Cover of book Turn of the Screw by James Henry

Welcome to the world of English literature of the 19th century. This book was honored with a huge number of film adaptations and theater productions. The novel of Henry James “The Turn of the Screw” can rightly be regarded as a model of gothic style. It contains everything, which is an attribute of this literary trend. The book will undoubtedly be interesting not only for those who love terrible, but those who enjoy logical puzzles. A governess is in the center of the story, who was hired for growing two orphans. Also, she was given a condition – she should not in any case to their uncle and guardian, and had to decide all problems by herself or together with a housekeeper. Everything would be great, if not a secret story, which hovers around of them. The point is that the children have had a governess before this one, which suddenly died…

Total words: 6323
Unique words: 596

Words, you might not know:

quint, schoolroom, governess, wickedness, lovable, lying, naughty, candlelight, housekeeper, losing, dreadful, specially, moonlight, wicked, packet, bored, goodbye, frighten, supper, sadness, murderer, innocence.

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Cover of book The Willing Ghost by Robert Wellington

A young woman came to the office of a private detective. He recognized her almost immediately. She was an heiress of one of the richest people in England. Her photos were almost in all newspapers. He father died a year ago. Everything he owned he bequeathed to her, including a big old house. It was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its age was over three hundred years old. Actually, the house was the reason to contact the investigator. The client was sure there were ghosts in it. It started three months ago. Every midnight a strange noise happened in the house. As soon as the property owner started looking for the reason, the noise stopped. The woman looked exhausted due to the lack of regular sleep and fear. The detective promised to investigate this case. The noise turned out to be not of the some supernatural origin. It was something more real and unexpected.

Total words: 6906
Unique words: 1078

Words, you might not know:

pearl, remarried, exercising, forecourt, jewellery, jokey, sot, cupful, cheque, mined, extracted, unpolished, trimmed, discotheque, knight, royalist, downwards, overlooked, gemstone, luxuriant, consignment, burmese, parliamentarian, firstly, uncut, ringleader, contraband.

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Cover of book Audrey Hepburn by Chris Rice

This is a biography of a legendary actress and style idol in the Hollywood in the 1950-60. This book is about Audrey Hepburn. It’s written in an easy and understandable language. The reader will get an opportunity to go through Audrey’s sad and happy moments from birth till death. She was a kind and a gentle person with a smile on her face, as many her admires remember. But her life wasn’t always happy. Her way to success was thorny. Her parents divorced when she was 6 and she survived the Second World War. Ballet was her dream but her appearance wasn’t suitable for this kind of art as Audrey had overweight. The years of war and hunger solved this problem. She became very thin and fragile. When she became a bright ballet star, a film director noticed her beauty and grace. Audrey was invited for filming. From that moment her life changed forever.

Total words: 3756
Unique words: 578

Words, you might not know:

cooper, baroness, august, charade, psycho, sizzle, unfriendly, peck, jack, schoolteacher, wonderfully, lavender, sunglasses, noisy, ballet, seventeen, mob, thirteen, sixty, goodbye, jam, grind, excite, boring, sometime, mansion.

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Cover of book A Taste of Murder by Sue Arengo

Private Nursing Agency sent a nurse Anne Harrison to a house of a famous writer Kitty Blakemore. Nobody seriously considered that she is ill, the woman had a reputation like hypochondriac. The nurse Anne notices after arriving at the house, that people surrounded Mrs Blackmore don’t like her at all, because woman has a terrible temper. Mrs Blackmore doesn’t have strong feelings for them either. Only person, who she loves from all her heart is her nephew, he is a local vicar. The Reverend John Palmer visits his aunt very often and always brings her a chocolate. Mrs Blakemore is sure, that somebody is poisoning her and tells about it to her new nurse. But nobody believes her and in vain. One morning they finds her dead.

Total words: 5441
Unique words: 720

Words, you might not know:

rood, policewoman, hypochondriac, kitty, vicar, mil, constable, goodnight, cyanide, unkind, scrambled, lying, toothpaste, arsenic, tonic, lunchtime, astonishment, housekeeper, astonished, mend, annoy, managed, fridge, apron, autopsy.

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Cover of book The Snow Goose by Gallico Paul

Very often God gives a man a nice appearance. But the man’s heart becomes coarse apart of this generous gift. Beauty is not the same as inner world. An external ugliness can hide a heart, which holds love to the whole world without any borders. The author of this story introduces such a human to us. His name is Phillip. He has a hunchback with mutilated limbs. The man lives in a quite location. He is an artist. He paints the pictures of nature. Especially he likes painting birds. He learned all of them. Phillip lives in a lighthouse and he often chases down the hunters, who are looking for the birds. The local people are not very fond of Phillip because of his ugliness. But he is said to be a good healer. One day somebody knocked on his door. There was a girl covered with blood. She was holding an injured goose in her hands.

Total words: 5153
Unique words: 598

Words, you might not know:

kentish, aeroplane, hunchback, brook, gentleness, lying, jock, fright, lighthouse, warship, mend, welcoming, tidy, enclosure, losing, ooh, hopeless, kindness, pub, hmm, marsh, unpleasant, guiding, villager, maid, goodbye, goose.

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Cover of book Different Worlds by Margaret Johnson

This is an unusual love story. The main character is a young girl Samantha. She is eighteen. She will tell you about herself and you’ll be able to see her life and her inner world. Her world is silent and devoid of sounds. Samantha is deaf. Her parents were musicians. They divorced when their daughter was born. Samantha knows almost nothing about her father and she thinks it’s her fault that he had left the family. Her mother is her best friend. Samantha tells her everything except her first love. This guy is from another world. He is a student and works in the shop near her house. She watches over him from the window. He is a very kind person and courteous with people. Once he tried to talk to Samantha but she didn’t hear him. Will fate give them a chance for a relationship?

Total words: 7834
Unique words: 666

Words, you might not know:

quire, shire, forger, rose, motorbike, mum, snowball, lull, grace, snowy, cupboard, fridge, jumper, underwater, wail, windy, footprint, heroine, biscuit, vibration, signing, trousers, blonde, postcard, strangely, deaf, noisy, seventeen, bored, cafe, nursery.

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Cover of book The Hitch Hiker by Tim Vicary

A man was standing on the road and waiting for somebody to pick him up. He did not look like a usual hitchhiker, so Sue Fraser decided to give him a lift. Usually she does not pick up anybody, but today she stopped. There was something very strange about his appearance and behavior. While they were going, they saw a huge car crash. Sue worked in the police and she had to help. A driver, who was the cause of the accident, explained to her everything. A man had run to the road and the driver had to stop. A car behind hit him and the driver with his daughter were injured. The culprit said he had shot down a man. But the police didn’t find the body. They thought the driver was crazy or his head was very injured. However, twenty years ago there was the same situation on that place.

Total words: 6249
Unique words: 650

Words, you might not know:

policewoman, hitchhiker, bookshop, whit, mil, gravestone, moustache, lying, lapel, swerve, lunchtime, liter, hitch, thoughtfully, hiker, managed, bandage, losing, handkerchief, groan, trousers, strangely, sergeant, loudly, thoughtful, afterwards, confused, sixty.

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Cover of book Ear-rings from Frankfurt by Reg Wright

Sometimes our brothers and sisters make our life difficult especially if they’re younger and you always feel responsibility for them. If they have some troubles, we help them. This book raises a question – can people change if they make a big mistake in life? The main character of the story is Jennifer Walton. She works as a nurse. Jennifer is a kind and responsible person. She has a younger brother and he is her antipode. His name is Richard. He often changes jobs and girls. He always needs money. When the police come to her looking for her brother she isn’t very surprised. Richard had some problems with the police earlier. But then the police start suspecting her as the accomplice in crime. She is shocked. By an unhappy coincidence she was giving her brother’s criminal boss a lift to the hospital while the crime was being committed. She didn’t know who he was. That was a coincidence. Will the police believe her?

Total words: 6020
Unique words: 574

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, unfriendly, lying, doorbell, kindly, disco, ringing, losing, cupboard, earring, loudly, goodbye, superintendent, waiter, excite, taxi, thief, clever, sometime, till, policeman, cheer, upstairs, diary, eleven, detective.

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Cover of book Dead Mans Island by John Escott

She was a typical teenager and lived with her parents in India and then in Hong-Kong. The girl adored her family and friends. Her hobby was music. She was a big fan of one famous pop star. But some unexpected things happen every now and then. Her father was a businessman and he had to travel a lot. He flew from Australia to his country and the plane was crashed. The girl’s life had been warped since that time too. Everyone overcomes the difficulties as he can, so she decided to forget herself after many months of suffering. She got in touch with a bad company, started taking drugs and doing bad things. Soon she and her mother had to move to England where mother tried to hide her daughter’s past. Most people have “a skeleton in a cupboard”, but sometimes other man’s skeleton can be even more terrible than your own.

Total words: 4726
Unique words: 558

Words, you might not know:

hallo, aeroplane, carol, boatman, moustache, mum, housekeeper, farmhouse, gardening, spoil, seventeen, lazy, dressing, gardener, wildly, eighteen, jam, excite, gown, autumn, sunny, ha, palace, lightning, upstairs, cliff.

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Cover of book Wicked and Humorous Tales by Saki

This is a collection of six incredible stories from the master of sarcasm Hector Hugh Munro, who is more famous as Saki. You may not know that he chose this pen-name after the monkeys, which lived in South America. They have a very calm and delicate character until you dare them. Hector was a shy and clever man. His stories are full of a subtle irony and sarcasm. The book starts from the story “The opened window”. A young man comes to his sister to the countryside, where he wants to improve his health. He goes to his neighbors and gets into a strange situation. The next story tells us about three kids, who gave a good lesson to their neighbor farmer. The farmer had killed their cat. Further you will meet two children, who composed a horrible story about a doll, etc.

Total words: 8051
Unique words: 1104

Words, you might not know:

adventuress, polecat, sulkily, carpathian, pigsty, ventriloquism, crunching, lord, nursemaid, favour, tomcat, sulky, stupidest, indifferently, ventriloquist, toothache, speciality, decently, emporium, joyfully, zoological, ferret, playroom, indigestion, interloper, damnation.

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