Cover of book Hampton House by Jenny Dooley

Helping Hand is a place where people can get any help they need. Every Saturday morning a big group of teenagers gathers there and waits for tasks. They do different work: help in the garden, go shopping, walk with dogs, babysitting and so on. William works there one day in a week too. Now this organization has a new volunteer Kathy Watson. Today Kathy and William go to the old people’s home. They deliver a trolley of books there and offer these books to the old. Kathy meets Miss Emily, who tells her a story about Lord Hampton’s house. This house was famous by reach and well-known parties arranging there. Miss Emily worked there many years ago when she was young. In her memories the servants of Lord Hampton were always hungry. However he didn’t take any care of them.

Total words: 6436
Unique words: 890

Words, you might not know:

lord, sally, dustbin, dimmer, lorry, motorbike, scrabble, ironing, bye, goodnight, candlestick, peeling, matron, selfishness, shyly, spinning, doorknob, lying, workman, fright, trolley, stretcher, lunchtime, mini, further.

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Cover of book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Dahl Roald

Lots of great mysteries are waiting for you at this factory. The main character of this novel is Charlie Bucket. Charlie was born in a very poor family. His father is doing his best to take care of his family. Charlie eats chocolate only once a year – on his birthday. Although the family doesn’t own a material welfare, they have something more precious – love and understanding. Suddenly the boy gets a chance to visit a famous factory of Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka is a pastry-cook, who is well known all over the world. Willy hadn’t been working for a long time. Now he is going back to this sweet business. He announces a lottery of five tickets. Five children will get a unique opportunity to see his factory inside. These winners will have a lifetime supply of chocolate and only one will win the main prize.

Film version: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Total words: 27129
Unique words: 2150

Words, you might not know:

joggle, hollowing, mumbling, crikey, wringing, smacking, poking, torturing, chuckling, dozing, chocolaty, chewer, dazzled, hugeness, overstretched, dribbling, seizing, cackling, popped, stroking, nincompoop, yippee, hopping, treacle, flattening, sixpence.

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Cover of book Crooked House by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie considered this novel the best out of all her books. The final of the “crooked house” is a real pleasure. The psychologically perfect detective has a style and atmosphere. There is a big house, which belongs to a Greek family clan. The headman of the family is very rich and old. He becomes the first victim. The house is full of suspected. All of them are members of the family. Everybody has a motive. The atmosphere of horror and suspense is growing; the number of victims is increasing. The logic of the murders cannot be determined. The final is absolutely unpredictable. The queen of detective winds the skeptics and the experts round her little finger. The murderer behaves in a cat-and-mouse way with the family. Agatha Christie plays with the mind of her readers. The game is incredibly exciting.

Total words: 23906
Unique words: 1451

Words, you might not know:

soppy, poisoner, starred, sixpence, lei, jewellery, sneaking, murmured, injected, doorstop, stile, arrogantly, unemotional, oo, schoolroom, theatrically, inquest, ruthlessness, embezzle, wickedness, straightaway, fashioned, humiliated, unprofessional, employed, booby, slyly.

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Cover of book Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

The diamond smuggling just had been gaining momentum in West Africa in the early fifties of the last century. The author of this book as a former journalist, decided to open this theme to the general public. The story is based on the real events, which happened in Sierra Leone and still are going on. Cosa nostra is a mafia, which was born in Sicily in the 19th century. It is described in the book. The mafia emigrated to the United States from Italy with the stream of refugees from Italy. The organized group did different types of criminal activities including gambling business and drugs. James Bond and his girlfriend Tiffany will have to deal with them and risk their lives during their investigation of the diamond smuggling.

Film version: Diamonds Are Forever

Total words: 17160
Unique words: 1311

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, queen, bearnaise, shuffled, croupier, bush, racecourse, unkindly, acme, spectre, barman, spangled, gunfight, windscreen, silencer, speedometer, hunchback, racehorse, tiara, august, carat, petrol, rue, crazily, cannonball, defence, flamingo, uncut, garter.

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Cover of book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It is one of the most difficult works in the creativity activity of the writer and in Russian classical literature. It was the period of the 60′s years of the XIX century, when many theories were created. The main point of these theories was a person opposed to the outside world. He was in search of his “I” and as a result, could rise above the society. People started moving away from God and finding explanations for the most terrible crimes on Earth. The main character is one of them. The young student Rodion Raskolnikov commits a crime. He kills an old woman. He does it not because he is poor and cannot pay for his education or flat. He does it to prove himself that he has the right to commit such acts. But all the acts have their consequences.

Film version: Crime and Punishment

Total words: 34004
Unique words: 3331

Words, you might not know:

recollected, queerness, reveller, prepossessing, pursued, pacing, attained, uttering, wringing, balalaika, superstitiously, fumbled, matured, hideousness, smearing, redoubled, torturing, hemmed, womanish, wantonness, glassful, poppet, skirted, sparing, heedlessness, recounted, sacrificing, bawling, recalling, dreaminess, slyness.

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Cover of book Just Good Friends by Penny Hancock

It’s a love story, which opens before readers the eternal question “can be a friendship between a man and a woman, or it’s just delayed sex” Stephany is a language teacher and very pretty woman. Maybe every man can consider that she is a perfect woman in all aspects, she’s just a dream. Stephany’s boyfriend Max is an architect, he had many girls, but only Stephany could win his heart. After two months of relationships, they decided to go on vocation to Italy. A comfortable flat, which belonged to Stephany’s good friend Carlos, was waiting for them on the Ligurian Sea. Her friend Carlos was an Italian, she taught him English five years ago and they liked each other very much. Nothing happened between them in the past in London. But could they be in safe from the passion in such romantic place?

Total words: 12626
Unique words: 943

Words, you might not know:

ligurian, anglophile, pram, trattoria, motorway, signora, pecorino, ciao, mmmm, max, slop, pullover, deciding, bye, latte, sunburn, cappuccino, tiring, unfriendly, surveyor, lying, fiat, sweetly, weakly, sushi, lunchtime.

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Cover of book Circle Games by Brennan Frank

When Caleb Tan was young, he was so quick that he could catch the flies with his hands. People called him ‘Quick Man Tan’. Also he was the best fighter and dancer in his native Singapore. He was proud of himself and showed his skills to the tourists, who came to his café. Caleb Tan enjoyed telling boastful stories about his youth to the visitors. Some people laughed at him, but most of them treated Caleb decently. Now Caleb is seventy, he misses the past. His wife MayMay is sad about it. On Chinese New Year their café was full of the guests. MayMay and their son Henry were working hard in the kitchen. But Celeb was only interested in the ears of the listeners. In the middle of his story something happened. A tall and strange man tumbled into the café and started threatening the customers with a knife.

Total words: 9005
Unique words: 719

Words, you might not know:

cooper, potter, minded, raffle, thatch, hm, prawn, gong, filming, swan, quicker, sailing, tan, robber, mar, archaeology, railway, sting, seventy, nineteen, slower, hamburger, pub, pottery, grandson, archaeologist, passport, preferred.

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Cover of book For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

What can be worse than war? Only the Civil War. Spain, May 1937. The first year of the Civil War is coming to end. Robert Jordan is a young teacher and socialist from America. He comes to Spain like many thousands others like him to help people who are his kindred spirits. The book describes three days of his life he spent at the front. Robert is a demolition man. He gets an order to blow up the bridge at the enemy’s rear. This task is a part of the offensive operation of the Republican Guard. After getting to the right place, Robert meets the partisans who live in the mountains near the bridge. The partisans should help him even if it costs them their lives. There are brave men and cowards, kind and reliable, traitors among them. The novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is on the 8th place in the list “100 books of the 20th century”.

Total words: 21032
Unique words: 1874

Words, you might not know:

transvaluation, anaemic, mopping, wilfully, frowsy, tilde, spencerian, topsy, effulgence, neckband, disagreeably, monopolized, recollected, unearthed, eagle, badinage, pearl, harping, recrudescence, slurring, resented, kindliness, furore.

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Cover of book Trumpet Voluntary by Harmer Jeremy

Derek Armstrong and his wife Malgosia are musicians. Derek plays the violin and Malgosia plays the trumpet. One day the cellist came back home after the rehearsal. His wife wasn’t at home. There was a great mess in the house. There was an absolute silence. The man didn’t find Malgosia’s suitcases and clothes in the cupboard. Derek couldn’t accept this situation. He thought she had been kidnapped or she had gone somewhere with the suitcases. He called her work and learned that she had left the band at the theatre. Her best friend also didn’t know anything. Malgosia’s parents lived in Poland and didn’t speak English at all. Maybe her computer could give some information. And that was right. There was a message from someone named Tibor. He wrote Malgosia that he was waiting for her in Rio and she had to go there quickly.

Total words: 27120
Unique words: 2213

Words, you might not know:

recognised, organiser, tapped, stopping, presto, sounded, drifted, pushed, organised, queen, surrounded, wondering, journeying, cancelled, refused, insulted, gesturing, phial, unstoppably, tunelessly, avoided, parents, slammed, ignoring, busk, practising, snapped, discussed, matt, wishing, liked.

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Cover of book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

It is the most published book by Charles Dickens, it has a special look on the French Revolution. It was time of soul-searching not only for French people, but also for all European. You won’t meet in this story names of famous revolutionaries and kings. Here is a history of the one family, which had been involved in a terrifying meat grinder of revolution. A high-level bank officer goes to France with a task. He has to report a daughter of his old client that her father is alive. Their family was taking a part in a court process on Charles Darnay five years ago. He had been accused in treason. At the same time, the masses seized power in France. The new life has begun, it was full of violence against people, who had infringed upon the rights of the simple people before this.

Film version: A Tale of Two Cities

Total words: 14338
Unique words: 1049

Words, you might not know:

mender, queen, seine, frenchwoman, cruncher, grindstone, friendless, lorry, onwards, august, crazily, nobleman, unselfish, cleverness, guillotine, restlessly, employed, goodnight, unopened, trembling, emigrant.

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