Cover of book The Star Zoo by Gilbert Harry

This book will send you thousand years ahead in the future. People are alone in the universe. They polluted Earth and had to escape from their home planet. All the animals died out. Now people marry for one year only. This is done for the reproduction. The clothes cover the whole human body and only the eyes can be seen in the holes. People recognize each other only due to the eyes. The sixteen years old teenager Hummingbird had to challenge the society. One old man made a proposal to her on Remembering night and she couldn’t refuse. According to the rules in the galaxy women couldn’t say “no”. Nobody could give a helping hand to her. After Hummingbird’s father had told her to print a wedding dress, the girl decided to run away from this planet into the galaxy. There will be no one except her and the stars!

Total words: 8269
Unique words: 727

Words, you might not know:

cheep, councillor, haw, ultrasonic, spacesuit, mil, ping, disobey, hummingbird, lying, checking, polluted, borrowed, caterpillar, unimportant, buff, spaceship, mend.

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Cover of book A Shot in the Night by Ridley Andrew

A father and his daughter are going to rest in a farm, far away from a loud city. The father is a detective inspector Rush. But he introduced himself as a bank employee to the housekeepers. The behavior of the house owners seemed quite strange to the policeman, but his daughter just wanted to have a nice holiday. There were no guests, except them. But everything was pointing, that many people lived at this farm. One day a strange silent man came to the farm. That night inspector Rush woke up. He heard the sound of the gun. The housekeeper assured him that there were some poachers near the farm. Next morning the mysterious guest disappeared. The inspector’s daughter found blood in the yard. So the suspicions weren’t groundless.

Total words: 8243
Unique words: 903

Words, you might not know:

sleeved, underestimated, aikido, sally, refreshed, growling, rucksack, rottweiler, practise, bay, cobbled, poached, saxon, fairground, firstly, yawning, grubby, thatched, settee, redden, trembling, poacher, unfriendly, clatter, overture, wiry, teapot, overpower, earned, undress.

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Cover of book The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary

This is a very sad and horrible story. It happened at the end of the 19th century. The young surgeon Dr. Frederick Treves was interested in the advertising photo of a freak in a freak show. Only from a scientific interest he decided to visit that place in order to see this creature with his own eyes. The doctor discovered a miserable and downtrodden freak. Its head had a wrong anatomical shape. His master treated him in a terrible way. He was violent and humiliated the freak, considering him stupid and mentally disabled. Dr Treves bought the creature. He was very surprised, when he found out that the freak was an intellectually and spiritually developed person. Gradually empathy and compassion changed the professional interest. The book is based on the real events.

Total words: 4965
Unique words: 441

Words, you might not know:

queen, postman, shopkeeper, lighthouse, countryman, faithfully, thirsty, wonderfully, trousers, closing, loudly, goodbye, banana, elephant, cab, bath, hers, horrible, cloth, pleased, dear, ugly, twelve, hungry, loud, asleep.

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Cover of book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing by Maya Angelou

This is Maya Angelou’s chronicle of life until her 16 years old. This book made her world famous. This autobiographical novel tells the reader about an African-American girl. She knows about racism, sexual violence and beating very well. The plot consists of such frankly and nakedly described scenes of rape that the book was forbidden for publishing in some countries and getting in the libraries in the USA. Her parents divorced when she was three. Both parents had a great personal life. First father sent Maya and her brother to his grandmother. In four years the children moved to their mother in Sent-Louis. Mother had already had a boyfriend Freeman. Maya survived the blows of fate. Despite the hard circumstances she developed her writer’s gift, which had a great impact on lives of many people.

Total words: 31320
Unique words: 2836

Words, you might not know:

lumped, eagle, lour, rottenness, impudently, attended, carfare, unfolded, torturing, shifted, underskirt, derringer, hesitatingly, assaulted, shuffled, pityingly, civilised, bola, tommy, doornail, allen, spilling, hurtling, reviewed, readymade, lengthened, gratefulness.

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Cover of book Wild Country by Margaret Johnson

The main character Tess Marriot is a young girl, who works for her father’s company. The company is engaged in walking holiday. Tess is a team leader for Wild Country. In spite of this, her life is full of unexpected surprises and frustrations. She is always late, often confuses something and gets into troubles. That morning wasn’t an exception. Tess was going to the airport when a big dog bit her. That’s why she accidentally overturned the flower tent and dirtied white and expensive shoes of one lady. But it turned out that nobody saw this dog! Wasn’t it crazy? The poor girl had to pay a big compensation to those people and she came to the airport too late. Another great frustration! Still hoping for better, Tess’ father entrusted her a leading expert of their company Grant Cooper as a partner for this tour. Unfortunately, Tess and Grant hate each other, so the trip will be very interesting.

Total words: 13680
Unique words: 922

Words, you might not know:

smelling, nightclothes, colourful, crossly, cooper, worriedly, tiredly, provencal, laughingly, motorbike, helpfully, august, straightaway, arranged, uncaring, dreamily, crossed, stupidly, paintbrush, bye, sounding, tiring, schoolgirl, raincoat, smelly, coldly.

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Cover of book The Thames Murderer by Allsworth Anne

On that day a young woman was walking with her dog on the bank of the river Thames. She was in deep thoughts about the future holidays with her husband. Suddenly something broke her dormancy. The dog was barking desperately at a swimming female corpse. The police inspector James Hudson discovered, that the dead woman had been the second victim of a serial maniac. The first one was killed four weeks ago, when the moon was full. The murderer sent to the police the weapon of his crime – a belt from the dress, which he used to strangle the girl. He also sent a note with a sign “Jack the Skipper”. In that note he was laughing at the helpless policemen. The hard case is waiting for the inspector Hudson. First he has to find out the connection between the two victims.

Total words: 12197
Unique words: 1595

Words, you might not know:

pearl, notified, alerted, heatwave, unfolded, dumped, panelling, slammed, labelled, savour, leafed, snooping, appraising, priced, pleadingly, bush, colourful, brushed, fumbling, mumbled, murmured, averted, choked, adored, cheque, peachy.

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Cover of book Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Antoine Galland

This is an Arabian folk tale, included in the “One Thousand and One Nights”. One merchant had two sons. When the merchant died, the elder son got a heritage and a wealthy wife. The younger son Ali Baba got nothing and married to a poor woman. Ali Baba became a woodcutter. One day he was working in the forest, collecting the firewood. Suddenly he saw forty men in black on the black horses. They came to a huge stone and one of them said, ‘Open Sesame’. Something incredible happened: the stone opened an entrance into a cave. Everybody went inside. Ali Baba did the same thing, after the men in black had left. He said the magic words, ‘Open Sesame’. The stone obeyed him and he entered the cave. The woodcutter found many treasures there and decided to take something with him.

Film version: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Total words: 1203
Unique words: 236

Words, you might not know:

baobab, woodcutter, sesame, donkey, painted, villager, jewel, thief, clever, persian, wheat, sack, coin, merchant, treasure, diamond, silly, forty, cave, asleep, thirty, wooden, corn, silver, amazing, pot, desert, shout, noise, gate.

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Cover of book Orpheus Descending by Jenny Dooley

This book tells us about the myth of Orpheus – the legendary singer and musician of ancient Greece. He was the son of Calliope – muse of the epic poetry and king Oeagrus. When Orpheus was born, his parents made a great celebration. All their relatives and friends came to congratulate the happy family with the gifts. The most welcome guest was Apollo – god of music and light. He prepared something special for the newborn. Apollo gave Orpheus the most valuable thing he had – his lyre. The god of music also predicted Orpheus’ future. Kissing Orpheus’ forehead, Apollo filled the baby’s body by special power. This power gave the opportunity to combine father’s music and mother’s poetry. And the lyre would open people’s hearts and exalt their souls. The masterpiece is adopted poetically and the narration will give real pleasure to the readers.

Film version: Orpheus Descending

Total words: 6629
Unique words: 982

Words, you might not know:

queen, favourably, thracian, showering, wishing, ferryman, hypnotized, calliope, honour, believing, protecting, toothed, plough, lyre, blowing, drowned, centaur, spellbound, crossed, boa, fascinated, goodnight, bridesmaid.

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Cover of book Dante's Peak by Dewey Gram

This is a catastrophe book with a very dynamic plot, which will keep you in suspense till the very end. The events take place in the city, which is situated near the volcano Dante`s Peak. The city has always been considered as one of the most safe and picturesque places. At least, the young mayor assured everybody in this. However, when Harry Dalton came to this city, she had to doubt about it. Harry Dalton is an experienced scientist-volcanologist. He lost his wife during the volcanic eruption. Nowadays volcanoes are his routine work. Harry Dalton came to this city with one aim – studying of the seismic activity. Gradually he finds the signs of the future volcanic eruption. It may lead to the end to the world. Unfortunately, nobody wants to listen to him…

Film version: Dante’s Peak

Total words: 7408
Unique words: 541

Words, you might not know:

exploding, townspeople, unlucky, cascade, thirsty, flowing, comer, lava, luckily, swimmer, seventy, sleepy, happening, volcano, cafe, sadly, thirteen, goodbye, eighteen, grind, sheriff, ash, robot, eleven.

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Cover of book The Ironing Man by Colin Campbell

Marina and Bill left London and moved to a small village. Bill found a new interesting job at once and Marina stayed at home. She loved her husband very much, but this new life didn’t make her happy. They were the youngest couple in the village and didn’t have any friends. There was no job for Marina, so the young woman did housework: washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and ironing. Gradually she started hating it. Her husband tried to help his poor wife, just making more and more lists of errands. Everything was boring and pragmatic. One day Marina was ironing. She looked at the pile of clothes and thought that it would be amazing if someone could do this terrible housework for her. Suddenly the doorbell rang. There was a splendid man, ready to fulfill her desire…

Total words: 14371
Unique words: 1035

Words, you might not know:

queen, wasting, emptied, sally, photocopier, masseuse, barman, quietness, unloved, blackbird, communicating, firstly, ironing, mil, planted, thirdly, picking, matched, indie, cappuccino, goldfish, knocking, hiding, housework, raincoat, repeating, parked, lying.

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