Cover of book Owl Hall by Robert Campbell

A fifteen-year-old Kara with her mother and younger brother goes to the countryside on holidays. The mother wanted to do a surprise so she did not tell the children the place. She rented a cottage Owl Hall. It was an unknown place. It was not even on the map. Therefore, they lost. Trying to find the right way, they met a man with white teeth and a big dog. He turned out to be their neighbor. Cara did not like him at once. After coming to Owl Hall, Cara hears a strange voice, which asks her to help him and help him go. Neither the girl, nor her brother enjoyed this house. There are no telephone connection, TV or Internet. This cottage is like from a horror movie. Cara decides to make a film about Owl Hall on her telephone. She is also going to write about it in the blog, as the owners of the house asked. During the filming, the girl suddenly notices someone hiding behind the bushes.

Total words: 14782
Unique words: 1073

Words, you might not know:

pyromaniac, trike, dartboard, lei, pyro, bush, motorway, ford, dominated, max, sleepwalk, imagining, mil, directed, goodnight, unopened, collapsed, separating, upload, waving, rubbish, oar, lying, pail, mum, wavy.

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Cover of book Voodoo Island by Michael Duckworth

What do you know about Voodoo? Many people think it can be dangerous. They are right. Those, who use voodoo, usually make dolls of their foes. They make their enemies feel pain using these dolls. A magician can even kill a man. A doctor of Harvard University is flying to Haiti. She is going to work at the local hospital and write a book about Voodoo. Several months ago, she had one patient. He suffered from a terrible pain in the stomach. The man was sure that someone used Voodoo against him. Unfortunately, this patient died. The doctor got very interested in this case. She decided to find the “houngans” in Haiti. The “Houngans” are the people, who still know how to use Voodoo. Many years ago, the strongest Voodoo houngan lived there. He died long ago, but people still believe that he is between two worlds. Even nowadays, they are afraid to pronounce his name aloud.

Total words: 5583
Unique words: 577

Words, you might not know:

believing, aeroplane, graph, lorry, voodoo, lazily, housework, ringing, graveyard, dislike, coconut, noisy, don, bored, goodbye, jam, grind, dusty, taxi, terribly, ha, awake, pencil, pin, doll, excuse.

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Cover of book Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander Smith

Botswana is a successful African country. It is developing very fast. The author of this book Alexander McCall was born here. He loves his native land sincerely. He created a series of books “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective agency.” The head of this agency and the main character is Mma Ramotswe. Mma is called Mrs. or Madam in Botswana. She has a wonderful secretary Mma Makutsi and a real friend Mr. JLB Maketoni, who wants to marry her. They are a great team and help many people. The range of their activities is very wide, from stolen cars to missing people. There is a very interesting and dangerous case about a child waiting for them. The police and the embassy were unable to help a desperate woman find her son. Will Mma Ramotswe be able to help the mother?

Total words: 18911
Unique words: 1245

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, blackmailer, lei, jewellery, bush, lord, believing, anthill, bushman, lorry, secretarial, toolbox, blackmail, hah, kale, schoolboy, giraffe, waving, rubbish, judgement, gratefully, lying, commune, zebra, typing, unhappiness, upside.

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Cover of book The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

This novel consists of three parts. The plot takes place in Victorian England. Everything begins from a young farmer Gilbert Markham, who tells the readers about a mysterious stranger. Her name is Helen Huntington. One day she appears in an old mansion and causes interest and gossip about her personality. A passionate feeling to Helen is born in Gilbert’s heart. However, she prevents their relationship in every possible way. The communication with Helen’s son Arthur ties Gilbert even more to this woman. The neighbors do not accept love between a farmer and Mrs. Graham (Helen Huntingdon). It even leads to the fights of the men and sorting things out. After these events, Helen decides to give Gilbert her personal diary. There she describes her life.

Film version: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Total words: 17598
Unique words: 1024

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, lord, canvass, bowing, bridegroom, eyed, governess, august, nobleman, vicar, coldness, mil, bridle, curling, bridesmaid, moor, madam, lying, naughty, easel, truthful, quarrel, distrust, pleasantly, gambler.

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Cover of book The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler

Phillip Marlowe, a private detective, wants to make some money. He wrote a detective novel and sent it to a publishing house, which prints the horror novels. The editor invited Mr. Marlowe for a meeting. During the meeting the detective understood one thing. The editor was interested in his detective skills. She proposed a deal: if Phillip solved a difficult case, the novel would be published. The case was connected with the disappearance of publisher’s wife. The detective accepted this proposition. There was one thing confusing him. The wife had left with her lover. Despite of this Marlowe started an investigation as he urgently needed money. Suddenly he was caught up in a complicated story.

Total words: 7132
Unique words: 511

Words, you might not know:

bay, puma, fawn, goodnight, whisky, redhead, cupboard, ninety, bill, trousers, chess, scarf, goodbye, tin, murderer, excite, taxi, clever, sunny, policeman, eleven, angel, bath.

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Cover of book The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens

Like many other novels of Charles Dickens, there is a child in the thick of things. This work is less known compared to his other books, but it is no way inferior to them in sincerity and depth. The most unexpected things happen to the girl Nell. She has a grandfather. Lately her grandpa often goes somewhere at nights. From time to time, he is very generous and talkative. He tells Nell about a big fortune she will get after his death. Every now and then, her grandfather is sad and quiet. After his night walks, he sleeps in the armchair behind the counter of their shop. Recently Nell’s elder brother came to the shop to talk to grandfather. He shouted at him and threatened to disclose his secret. Brother keeps a very bad lifestyle and tries to get grandfather’s money using blackmail. It makes Nell upset, but she still loves her family.

Total words: 18162
Unique words: 1171

Words, you might not know:

waxwork, tommy, marchioness, sixpence, boatyard, emptied, sally, unkindly, lodger, unwell, curio, inquest, shilling, candlelit, churchyard, straightaway, sized, employed, freed, keyhole, mil, uncertainly, coffeehouse, goodnight, landlady, wharf, begging, ugliness.

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Cover of book Chemical Secret by Tim Vicary

John Duncan and his family had a very happy life. He and his wife had a successful business of making and selling boats. But after a disaster his wife died. Duncan couldn’t live without her and gave up. He sold the whole property and closed the business. He raised his children in poverty and became a bad father. He didn’t work for a long time. In the end he started looking for a job and a better life for his children. He goes to a job interview and gets a position of a biologist in a chemical factory. Now he is responsible for a monitoring the safety in the factory. He earns very well and can buy lots of expensive things for his children. But money makes people blind and greedy. Unfortunately, John will realize it when it is too late.

Total words: 9713
Unique words: 882

Words, you might not know:

quirt, belter, policewoman, boathouse, enquiry, uninteresting, employed, pensive, unopened, tasteless, lying, hurriedly, unlucky, shopkeeper, lifeless, harp, untrue, liter, upstream, rut, further, kindly, thoughtfully, downstream, congratulations, tidy, wallpaper, armchair.

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Cover of book Women in Business by David Evans

What do you need to become successful? Is it a luck, a talent or just a hard work? In this book, you will learn about four outstanding women of the XX century. Thanks to their sense of purpose, inner strength and a maniacal desire, they achieved a great success. They made their dreams come true. These women transformed from the charming gentle creatures into the fearsome sharks in various business sectors. They destroyed the old stereotypes, brought some new ideas and gave a chance for new young talented people. Perhaps, there would be no many modern famous and popular stars now if there were no first businesswomen. These ladies were the pioneers in the rude man’s world but they managed to get everything they wanted due to their unbelievable persistence and abilities.

Total words: 10135
Unique words: 1105

Words, you might not know:

newsreader, frenchwoman, jewellery, cheque, lord, businessperson, archduke, proving, ford, dressmaker, august, fiftieth, bookshop, businesswoman, cola, moustache, rubbish, fright, seaside, handbag, frenchman, songwriter, grace, austrian.

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Cover of book Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

A father and mother wolves were relaxing with their cubs. There were a tiger and a jackal hunting nearby. The jackal followed the tiger everywhere. The tiger Shere Khan hunted people. People got angry and the tiger came to the jungle. Hunting people was against the law, because people came back with their weapons. The flock was going to make a decision about Shere Khan’s fate, when they suddenly heard baby crying. It was a human baby. Shere Khan wanted to eat it, but the wolves stood up for the infant. Finally they decided to name the baby Mowgli and to leave with them.

Film version: Jungle Book

Total words: 6395
Unique words: 592

Words, you might not know:

hissing, hungrily, jackal, hunted, python, cleverly, lying, uphill, ravine, eldest, kite, midday, hiss, sleepy, splash, noisy, villager, bored, hop, goodbye, rocky, frighten, grind, frog, excite, roar, herd, silently, thief.

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Cover of book Forget to Remember by Alan Maley

Despite Jan and Kate were sisters, they had never been too close to each other. From childhood their father has been given all the love and attention to Kate. And, as a result Kate has got a proper education at Oxford which helped her to escape Lewisham for Marlow where she became a successful lawyer. Kate also had a happy marriage with an investor who gave her two beautiful kids. They lived peacefully in a big, fashionable house with a servant. Meanwhile, Jan had to go work at once after school so she had little education and no skills. Her marriage was a disaster which has left her with an uncontrollable daughter. One of the worst things was that she stuck in Lewisham. When Jan and Kates’ father died, his wife started to lose her memory. Gradually she became so helpless that could not be left alone for a minute. Therefore, Jan, as the only daughter who lived near enough to her mother, had soon become responsible for her. But Jan had to work and has constantly stood the crazy things that her mother had done. Jan tried to get help from sister, but it seemed that Kate was too busy and too selfish to share the responsibility of caring for their mother.

Total words: 23247
Unique words: 1809

Words, you might not know:

unhelpfully, mumbling, queen, dumped, dribbling, teabag, signorina, seafront, eightieth, grandad, littered, physiotherapy, lei, cremated, jewellery, uneventfully, giggling, cheque, lord, emptied, motorway, signora, circling, crematorium, nightdress, flapping, settling, snoring, attracted.

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